national pie day

sponsored by the yank Pie Council (sure, that’s a actual issue!), country wide Pie Day shall we us experience considered one of our favorite cakes guilt-loose. in any case, we’re celebrating a countrywide holiday!







while pie exists in a few shape all over the international, america has an inextricable courting with the flaky dessert. From Don McLean’s epic track “American Pie” to expressions like “as American as apple pie,” our u . s . a . embraces the pie — apple specifically — as a image of country wide pride.








So preheat your oven or go to your neighborhood bakery, grasp a slice, and rejoice the simple, delicious pleasures of good pie.







while IS country wide PIE DAY 2022?

Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pumpkin, gorge on all your favourite flavors of the united states’s favored dessert on countrywide Pie Day on January 23. traditional fruit pies, savory pies, or creams pies used for comedy, no pie is left in the back of in this excursion!








history OF country wide PIE DAY

one of the oldest organized foods, pie indicates up in written recipes dating lower back as a ways because the historical Romans. the primary recognized pie recipe turned into for a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie. The Romans made pies with a diffusion of meats, seafood, and fruit, and developed a dense pie called placenta, much like cheesecake. At sumptuous Roman feasts, pie played a role in several publications.








until recently, pie crust changed into in general used as a car for filling. unlike a lot of today’s luscious, buttery crusts, early pie crusts often didn’t get eaten at all. The crust acted as a field to maintain the beef moist and save you it from burning.







Pies first seemed in England inside the twelfth century, nonetheless commonly filled with meat. The dubious starting place of a few pie fillings gave upward thrust to jokes and horror testimonies, along with the penny dreadful that could grow to be “Sweeney Todd.”







whilst the Puritans and other English settlers fled for the brand new global, they took pie with them. but although no American Thanksgiving table is entire without candy pumpkin and pecan pies, sweet pies didn’t make an look on the so-referred to as “First Thanksgiving” and pumpkin pie didn’t come to be famous till the 1800s. nowadays, sweet pies overwhelmingly outsell savory pies, and pumpkin pie is a long-lasting fixture of the Thanksgiving meal.







not to be careworn with national Pi Day, countrywide Pie Day has nothing to do with math and the whole thing to do with that sweet American treat. Created within the Nineteen Seventies with the aid of Charlie Papazian (who comfortably located the day on his birthday), national Pie Day encourages us all to take a break with the usa’s preferred dessert.








6000 BC – the earliest date pie is traced back to.

186 million – pies are sold in stores each year in America alone.

10,540kg – was the weight of the largest pie ever baked.

1623 – was the year the pumpkin pie was introduced on Thanksgiving.

47% – of Americans think pie is comforting.

$9500 – is the price of the world’s most expensive pie

1 in 5 – Americans have eaten a whole pie by themselves.

9% – Americans prefer eating the crust first.

1644 – was the year pie was banned by Oliver Cromwell – for being a pagan form of pleasure.

18% – of men say their wives bake the best pie.


Why is it National Pie Day today?

Because pie is amazing, that’s why! The day was created in the 1970s by Charlie Papazian — who just so happened to make the day fall on his birthday. Interesting.

Which day is pie day?

National Pie Day occurs every year on January 23, whereas Pi Day (celebrating the mathematical constant 3.141592653) is celebrated every year on March 14 as 3,1, and 4 are the first three digits of pi.

Why is Pi Day 2019 special?

2019’s Pi Day was extra special as Google Employee, Emma Haruka Iwao, calculated the value of pie to a whole new world record!


  1. Eat some pie!

    Naturally, the best way to celebrate National Pie Day is to eat a slice of your favorite — or try a new and adventurous flavor!

  2. Learn to bake pie

    Baking a pie can be as easy as, well, pie. Look up a recipe online, in a cookbook, or ask a family member to share a favorite recipe.

  3. Enter a pie bake-off

    Many organizations hold pie baking contests. If you’re feeling proud of your baking skills, try showing them off at your local bake-off.


    1. It lets us spoil ourselves

      No one’s saying you should eat pie for breakfast too often, but on this special day we can forget the guilt. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, add a scoop of ice cream to make your pie à la mode.

    2. It’s got something for everyone

      With practically infinite ingredient possibilities and baking styles, there’s sure to be a pie out there for everyone.

    3. It reminds us of summer

      Even though we celebrate it in January, National Pie Day reminds us of the sweet, lazy days of summer.


    Year Date Day
    2022 January 23 Sunday
    2023 January 23 Monday
    2024 January 23 Tuesday
    2025 January 23 Thursday
    2026 January 23 Friday

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