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national peach melba day

It’s time to experience a sweet deal with this national Peach Melba Day on January thirteen! Made (and named) in honor of the famous opera singer Nellie Melba, nowadays invites all and sundry to try out this amazingly fresh dessert. even as the authentic recipe is a dish made from peaches, raspberry sauce, and vanilla ice cream, a couple of recipes alternate up the elements to match numerous tastes and create barely one of a kind taste mixtures.

history OF country wide PEACH MELBA DAY

Peach Melba has graced restaurant menus for decades and is one of the most favored cakes globally. This creamy-and-cool dish was inspired by using Helen “Nellie” Porter Mitchell, an Australian who went on to come to be a international-well-known opera singer.

whilst learning under German mezzo-soprano Mathilde Marchesi, Mitchell turned into persuaded to tackle a level name — she selected ‘Nellie Melba’, with Melba derived from her native land of Melbourne.

It become in London that she have become acquainted with the well-known French chef Auguste Escoffier. He changed into, in turn, regarded for his inventive dishes and pricey food. lots of his dishes had been named after the famous person patrons at his restaurants.

Melba often ate at Escoffier’s restaurants while she executed at Covent lawn. In 1992 (or 1993, relying at the source), Melba became to carry out in Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin” at Covent lawn. She reportedly sent Escoffier tickets to this overall performance, which featured a ship inside the form of a swan. the following nighttime, Escoffier presented a dessert of clean peaches served on a bed of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce and displayed it on an ice sculpture of a swan. every other version of occasions indicates this creation seemed at the Duke of Orléan’s dinner party, which he planned to have fun Melba’s effective overall performance. either manner, this dish changed into the delivery of our famous dessert.

around 8 years later, Escoffier revisited this dessert at the outlet of the Ritz Carlton motel in London, where he was head chef. He created a new version of the peach melba, omitting the ice sculpture and topping the peaches with raspberry purée. He also renamed the dish Pêche Melba or Peach Melba.
At gift, we’d understand the whole lot about this dessert, however we are nevertheless studying the origins of the day itself.


  1. A dessert for everyone

    There are so many variations to the dessert and additions you can include. This versatile treat can be personalized to suit different people’s palates.

  2. We love peaches

    Every dessert featuring peaches is a giant win in our book. Plus, this dessert has the peach flavor shining through in various ways.

  3. We’re re-introduced to Dame Nellie Melba

    We love hearing about this feted Australian opera singer who took the Victorian world (and the early 20th century) by storm. Celebrating is a great way to remember her.


Year Date Day
2021 January 13 Wednesday
2022 January 13 Thursday
2023 January 13 Friday
2024 January 13 Saturday
2025 January 13 Monday

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