national old stuff day

National Old Stuff Day, on March 2, is the day when people across the country clean out their closets and garages, rediscover old treasures, and declutter their lives. Just in time for spring cleaning, National Old Stuff Day is a great opportunity to devote a day to tend to your closet, garage, attic, and other cluttered spaces that don’t get a lot of attention. But you don’t have to stop at things — maybe you want to change an old habit or try a new activity. Get creative with new ways to organize, appreciate, or get rid of ‘old stuff’ in your life!

history OF countrywide antique STUFF DAY

2nd-hand shopping changed into popular in Elizabethan England, in which suited top-class garb may be purchased at considered one of hundreds of London’s resale shops. style changed quick, and those with way purchased tailored clothes or employed servants to make clothes for them. maximum Britons, however, couldn’t find the money for the luxury of new apparel. due to the fact apparel changed into intended to remaining, purchasing an outfit became a massive funding. 2d-hand stores served most people of Londoners, who may want to purchase up the garments eliminate through the upper training. garb changed into now and again offered multiple instances, with garments getting inexpensive as they have become greater patched and ratty. nonetheless, having geared up-made garb to be had for a few pennies became a big development over having to sew the whole lot yourself.

beginning within the early twentieth century, Christian nonprofits and charity organizations essentially invented a new business region by means of linking charity to capitalism and commerce. Seeing the want for 2nd-hand apparel and family gadgets the various city poor, progressive reformers used this as an possibility to link used items to charity and use sales to raise cash for numerous reasons.

Thrift shops fast wised up to patron tastes, using department-keep-like displays to reduce the stigma round used items and encourage middle-class consumers to patronize the stores. Slowly, thrift stores have become a fixture of yankee tradition. As americans gained extended get right of entry to to mass-produced, disposable items, thrift shops provided a way to appease consumers’ guilt with the aid of justifying their purchases as charitable and frugal. thanks to the environmental movement, multiplied awareness of mass intake, and the expanded popularity of thrift shop purchasing in pop culture, thrifting has grow to be a elegant hobby. The stigma around used items has in large part dissolved as ‘vintage’ changed ‘secondhand’ and shoppers increasingly are looking for to reduce their intake of recent goods. these days, there are over 25,000 second-hand shops within the united states of america.

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