national margarita day

every February 22, we come together for national Margarita Day to pay homage to our favorite celebratory cocktail. The margarita — triple sec, tequila, and lime juice — was created in 1938 in Mexico and is extensively taken into consideration the legitimate drink of getting a laugh. It’s continually 5 o’clock somewhere, and that’s never more true than on national Margarita Day. So get out a shaker, pull out your frozen margarita gadget, or head for your local watering hole and order a margarita. Up, on ice, or on the rocks, you could’t go wrong. Salud!


National Margarita Day takes place on February 22 and it gives us every good reason to indulge in this highly quaffable alcoholic beverage. When life hands you limes, make margaritas!

history OF national MARGARITA DAY

The earliest prevalence of the famed cocktail turned into in 1938 by using the father of the drink Carlos “Danny” Herrera. He made it in his eating place positioned in Baja California, for a famous consumer named Marjorie King, a dancer at the hit American theatrical broadway “Ziegfeld follies” because she turned into allergic to spirits however now not tequila — and much like that our liked drink become born.

The hassle is, Herrera isn’t the only character to assert to be the OG margarita maker. one of them was Francisco “Pancho” Morales who was a bartender in Mexico, who first mixed the cocktail in 1942 in Juárez, Mexico and then left to become a US citizen and paintings as a milkman for 25 years. He has the backing of the legit Mexican newspaper — Notimex.

The wildest tale is that this closing one. Margarita Sames, a Dallas “higher magnificence” citizen, believed she created the drink in her holiday home for her visitors in Acapulco, Mexico in 1948. Tommy Hilton (sure… that Hilton) who was buddies with Margarita attended the birthday party, and then brought it lower back to his motel chains and put it on the menu. but earlier than he could even breath, Jose Cuervo, of the famous tequila brand, claimed he became already going for walks ad campaigns for the drink in 1945, with the catchphrase, “Margarita: It’s more than a girl’s call.” regardless of in which the drink was first made, one element is for certain — everyone was having fun.

thankfully, margaritas are available a ton of different sorts, it’s now not a marvel why 76% of usa citizens revel in a nice margarita. From strawberry and peach to mango and berry, to barely more potent liquids with beer, to even having healthier variations like skinny margaritas and sportier cocktails (just swap out the triple sec for a Gatorade). It doesn’t rely in case you’re at a bar, at domestic on the couch or just completed an essential meeting; clutch the closest fruit, tequila, triple sec and blend that child as much as the rhythm of “one tequila, tequila, three tequila, floor”. but do drink responsibly, an excessive amount of tequila has been regarded T’kill’ya!


  1. They bring the fun

    The drink in your hand can say a lot about you, and when that drink is a margarita, it says, “I’m fun!” In a recent National Today study, respondents reported that both male and female margarita-drinkers seem more “energetic and outgoing.” Bartender, margaritas for everyone!

  2. They are delicious

    Smooth tequila, sweet triple sec, fresh lime, the surprising hint of salt on the rim — margaritas are truly a delight for the taste buds. And with so many varieties of tequila, fruits, and sweeteners to choose from, we are looking forward to being surprised and delighted by new margarita flavors for many happy hours to come.

  3. Blended or on the rocks?

    A blended margarita is like an alcoholic Slurpee, but then you do have to deal with the brain freeze factor. A margarita on the rocks is liquid and refreshing, but does leave you licking ice cubes to get to the very last drop. It’s a conundrum and a well-worn battle at the bar: which is better, blended or on the rocks? Will we ever know the answer? Guess we’ll just have to keep drinking to find out.


Year Date Day
2022 February 22 Tuesday
2023 February 22 Wednesday
2024 February 22 Thursday
2025 February 22 Saturday
2026 February 22 Sunday

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