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Mad Hatter Day is an annual observance celebrated on October sixth of every yr. Are you crazy? Are you mad or insane? Say a big sure for all such questions. bring out your silly aspect on this day because it celebrates the silliness. Mad Hatter Day marks the Hatter or Mad Hatter, a fictional key person in Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland.

history of Mad Hatter Day

Mad Hatter Day was created and celebrated in Boulder Colorado inside the year 1986. The Hatter and his antics inside the epic fable novel day were inspired via a collection of computer technicians in Boulder, CO. The Hatter is an eccentric milliner within the novel for whom the time is continually stuck on the tea birthday party along with his pal the March Hare. The Hatter is likewise referred to as The Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a fictional man or woman typically acts silly. Their suggestion had nothing higher to do than celebrating these days with the subject matter of silliness. It became quickly customary through the human beings because it brought on less harm in celebrating the silliness. It turned into the second loopy day in the year next to April Fools’ Day.

Mad Hatter Day become first identified as an legitimate holiday in 1988 and additionally acquired its first country wide press insurance with the aid of news services. The countrywide election in 1988 surely gave these days an amazing raise. Sir John Tenniel become an English illustrator and a political cartoonist. He had illustrated The Mad Hatter carrying a hat and all of Lewis Carroll’s colorful characters in advance in 1864. The instance became on a piece of paper that has 10/6 written on it. the 10/6 refers back to the cost of a hat with 10 shillings and six pence. in the 12 months 1865, Alice’s journey in Wonderland turned into first published

The creators of the vacation are from the us took 10/6 because the month/day (mm/dd) layout. therefore the holiday falls on the tenth month’s 6th day, i.e., October 6 (10/6). “Mad as a hatter” is a colloquial form of the word that refers to a crazy person. in the course of 18th and 19th century, the manufacturing of felt worried England mercury with which the felt hats had been synthetic. humans worked in these hat factories suffered from dementia as they had been uncovered to trace quantities of the metal every day. as a result, the word have become popular, and it refers a person who changed into perceived as insane..

how to have fun Mad Hatter Day

Celebrating the Mad Hatter Day is very simple. snatch your self a pinnacle hat, put on it for the complete day and show your silliness out. perform a little crazy matters to make the day enjoyable. in case you desired to recognize the total tale, then examine Alice in Wonderland. you could even be careful the movies primarily based on the unconventional Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. you can host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea birthday party in your own home by means of inviting your own family and buddies. submit and percentage your celebrations on the social media the use of the hashtags #MadHatterDay.



Year Date Day
2021 October 6 Wednesday
2022 October 6 Thursday
2023 October 6 Friday
2024 October 6 Sunday
2025 October 6 Monday



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