National lemon cream pie day

we hope your candy teeth is ready to rejoice national Lemon Cream Pie Day on November 29. (today we commonly call this lemon meringue pie.) even though this time of yr is extra commonly related to pumpkin pie, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate any form of pie—particularly a pie that’s been around this lengthy.










 history  OF national LEMON CREAM PIE DAY

food historians agree with lemon desserts have been around because the center a long time! Whipped cream, then again, is a relative newcomer: it didn’t display up until the sixteenth century. It first appeared in recipes in Italy within the mid 1500s after which traveled to France and confirmed up in recipes there just after 1600. someplace between then and now, a person had the fantastic concept to marry them collectively in a manner that’s essentially sunshine baked into a pie dish.









whilst lemon custards, puddings, and pies have been made considering the fact that Medieval instances, meringue become perfected within the seventeenth century. Lemon meringue pie, as it’s far regarded these days, is a 19th-century product. The earliest recorded recipe become attributed to Alexander Frehse, a Swiss baker from Romandy.









tour author Larissa Milne credit chef/entrepreneur Elizabeth Goodfellow for this pie. according to mentioned meals historian William Woys Weaver, Goodfellow changed into “one of the maximum creative forces in American cookery for the duration of the early nineteenth century.” Her store changed into unique. unlike the numerous bakeries that furnished bread and every day baked items, Goodfellow’s pastry shop furnished elegant desserts, pies and candies for Philadelphia’s excessive society events.










even as recognized for plenty treats, along with jumbles (an early version of sugar cookies) and queen’s desserts, and individual spiced desserts flavored with brandy and madeira, her most lasting legacy is the advent of lemon meringue pie.










food historian Becky Diamond refers to Goodfellow as “the mom of lemon meringue pie.” Lemon pudding become considered considered one of Goodfellow’s signature creations; she is credited with numerous types, whether or not served by myself, or in a pastry crust as a “pie.” Lemons have been a delicacy in the early 1800s, however effortlessly to be had in a busy port which includes Philadelphia.












Year Date Day
2021 November 29 Monday
2022 November 29 Tuesday
2023 November 29 Wednesday
2024 November 29 Friday
2025 November 29 Saturday

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