National JoyGerm Day

national JoyGerm Day is well known national every January eight to reawaken the need to fill ourselves to the brim with kindness and love. The day encourages us to share positivity and happiness and make special efforts to unfold pleasure where we are able to. at this time of yr, bloodless and flu germs unfold like crazy, and country wide JoyGerm Day is the correct possibility to spread kindness, happiness, and love too.

history OF countrywide JOYGERM DAY

We have a good time country wide JoyGerm Day nationwide each January eight. The day encourages us to proportion positivity and happiness and make unique efforts to spread joy wherein we will. at some point of these days, we can win people over via smiles, hugs, grins, and more. it’s miles a day to unfold cheer through “germs of pleasure” and a time for positivity, optimism, smiles, and kindness to all of us we come into contact with.

folks that have fun the day are usually members of Joygerms restricted, the agency founder Joan White hooked up to promote it. They visit nursing homes and hospitals to spread cheer and preserve parades to celebrate the day. although it isn’t a day to ignore existence’s problems, it allows us upward thrust above them.

Joan E. White based countrywide JoyGerm Day in 1981. A resident of Syracuse, ny, she got the idea for the day after she got here throughout a newspaper tale approximately a California couple who offered to fear for others in alternate for a fee. White idea this method to facing the world’s issues changed into improper and mounted an company to counteract worriers. She then founded Joygerms restricted and targeted January eight as countrywide JoyGerm Day, which also happened to be her overdue mom’s birthday. even though Joygerms Day became unofficially first hung on January 8, 1981, when the concept for it and Joygerms restrained passed off, it didn’t grow to be a countrywide day till 1985.


  1. It is fun!

    Spreading happiness through laughter and telling bad jokes is fun! Forget your worries about the past and future and focus on enjoying the present fully.

  2. It spreads joy

    Joy is contagious, and National JoyGerm Day is specially designed to spread enough of it. The day helps us light the fire of happiness in the mind and body of friends and family through our radiating happiness.

  3. It helps fight depression

    Joy kills depression, and National JoyGerm Day helps people get over their worries that might lead to the pit of depression.


Year Date Day
2021 January 8 Friday
2022 January 8 Saturday
2023 January 8 Sunday
2024 January 8 Monday
2025 January 8 Wednesday


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