National Hug a Musician Day

country wide Hug a Musician Day comes around annually on November thirteen. quite a few work goes into being a musician, and not anybody‘s privy to it. in case you recognise a musician who spends hours a day practicing and hours a night time gambling at bars, golf equipment, and concert events, envelop them in a big ol’ loving hug and allow them to realize they’re preferred.










history OF national HUG A MUSICIAN DAY

Musicians were round for as long as there has been music to play. however, the origin of song itself is unknown, because it’s been around longer than the capacity to record records. Prehistoric track consists of all of the international’s tune that has existed previous to any historic references. This consists of traditional tune aside of native American and African cultures. however, it’s far greater not unusual to refer to prehistoric track as folks, indigenous, or traditional song.









Archaeologists maintain to take a position over whether the “Divje Babe Flute” is indeed the oldest musical device. It’s dated to be about 43,500 years vintage and is produced from a cave bear femur. The quarry lies in whether or not this item became without a doubt used as an device or just gnawed on by way of carnivores.









National Hug a Musician Day

while humans think of worldly musicians who have made a massive impact within the way music has formed, they’re in all likelihood to consider humans like Mozart and Beethoven. Classical music become original through musicians who lived all through the rising of the middle class. a number of the center-class in France lived beneath long-time absolute monarchies, so music turned into done in environments that had been extra confined than they had been in eras like the Baroque and Renaissance. The famous instrumental tune was ruled through several properly-defined forms: the sonata, the symphony, and the concerto — even though none of those were described or taught as they are now in song idea.











the twentieth century brought foremost musical adjustments. Musicians strove to symbolize the world the manner they perceived it. wherein beyond eras of track targeting spirituality, this new modern period emphasized the physicality and the concrete. the invention of audio recording prompted a boom in all genres of tune, mainly pop, rock, folks, usa, and all sorts of classical











a laugh HUG A MUSICIAN DAY facts

— 6% of income from Recordings
Ever marvel why musicians sell merch, go on tour, and lend their face to classified ads? well, the average musician handiest earns approximately 6% from sound recordings, and less than a cent in step with movement. maximum of that cash nowadays is going to file labels and streaming agencies, that means they make more money off of musician’s work than the musician themselves.










– 90.7% Are Undiscovered Geniuses

90.7% of all artists are undiscovered, which means there are billions of potential favored songs out there which can never bless our ears! if you recognise a skilled musician, don’t let them pass unrecognized. Do what you could to assist them carry their presents to the masses! — 41% fewer paid musicians in last two decadesthese days, there are extra musicians than there has ever been before, creating art and trying to find methods to stay off of what they love. but, there are 41% fewer paid musicians nowadays than in 1999.












Year Date Day
2021 November 13 Saturday
2022 November 13 Sunday
2023 November 13 Monday
2024 November 13 Wednesday
2025 November 13 Thursday

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