National Hair Day 2021 : October 1st,

sooner or later! There’s a day to specific your love to your hair — country wide Hair Day on October 1. NuMe, a hair merchandise employer, created this day for humans to rejoice hair styling gear and different hair products.

since historical instances girls have been passionate about their hair. Cleopatra washed hers with donkey’s milk! nowadays, for many girls, hair is high protection due to the fact the way you put on your hair makes a statement about you. So, coloration your hair crimson with polka dots, braid it, throw a weave in it or simply put on your hair brief and flirty. nowadays is a day to have fun your character as personified through your hair and to discover methods to preserve it lustrous and healthy. On national Hair Day, work that hair, lady friend!

country wide HAIR DAY sports

strive a specific hairstyle
a new coiffure could make you feel powerful, in control, or like a one of a kind individual. these days is the day you make a decision who you wanna be!

proportion your healthy hair secret
Did a product, pill, or food plan be just right for you? share your understanding with others on social media. people gain with the aid of replacing statistics.

give your hair a few TLC
e book an appointment at a salon or spa and deal with your hair. wholesome hair is stunning hair.

​5 HAIR-raising facts

​Snake-haired monster
In ​Greek mythology, the monster Medusa has been defined as a “wingsnake-skinned” human lady with poisonous snakes in place of hair.

The U.S. has the maximum redheads
​unexpected as it can sound, the usa has the most important population of redheads! among 2-6% of the us of a’s population includes redheads.


A teenage Rapunzel
​Keito, a jap teenager, holds the document for having the longest hair (one hundred fifty five.5 centimeters) on a teenager. She has never cut her hair in her life!

Marital status defines hairstyles
​unmarried Fulani girls of West Africa get dressed their hair with small amber beads and coins — while married girls put on large amber embellishes.

Hair these days — long past tomorrow
humans usually freak out after they see some strands on their brush. truth is, a person can ​shed between forty and one hundred fifty strands of hair an afternoon!

WHY we like country wide HAIR DAY

you could let your hair down
it’s clean to get stuck in a hair rut. So, nowadays, damage the monotony and do something fun along with your hair!

maximum women are obsessed with their hair
and plenty of guys too! So it’s extraordinary that we’ve got an afternoon to have fun our hair.

it is an excuse to pamper your hair
another motive to take a journey to the salon — sounds accurate! (at the same time as you’re there, get a mani/pedi, too!)



Year Date Day
2021 October 1 Friday
2022 October 1 Saturday
2023 October 1 Sunday
2024 October 1 Tuesday
2025 October 1 Wednesday


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