national granola bar day

country wide Granola Bar Day is well known each year on January 21 to recognize this wholesome bar of vitamins and energy that has made our breakfast table and rescued us on a hectic workday. Did you already know that granola has been round for over a hundred and fifty years, and the call become a trademark? Granola is a globally eaten food with many variations, both in the bar and the free forms. It includes complete grains, nuts, and honey, brown sugar, or syrup. This aggregate is baked until crisp, toasted, and golden brown. different ingredients occasionally utilized in making granola encompass raisins, dates, chocolate, and butter.








history OF countrywide GRANOLA BAR DAY

the primary granola version, granula, became invented in 1863 by Dr. James Caleb Jackson. The medical doctor ran a health spa, Jackson Sanitarium, which operated on a hillside in Dansville, the big apple. Jackson made granula by means of crumbling Graham flour and baking it. He later shaped Our domestic Granula business enterprise to sell the cereal and trademarked the name Granula.





in the overdue 1870s, someplace in Michigan, John Harvey Kellogg formulated a recipe just like the Jackson’s Granula. Kellogg became also walking a sanitarium and become seeking to reinvent the entire grain weight loss plan into something extra attractive for his sufferers. Kellogg made the cereal from wheat and oat flour, then hammered it into chunks and soaked it in milk. He named this cereal granula however later changed it to granola to keep away from a lawsuit with Jackson.







a few years later, granola diminished off the scene before it turned into revived within the 1960s. The revival become made feasible by way of Charles W. put up, who reinvented the unique granula recipe and brought grape nut as an component.







but, different individuals, across the identical time, attributed the revival and reinvention to their efforts. One such person is the famend hippie Wavy Gravy, who used granola to feed a large festival attendee. any other such man or woman is Layton Gentry, the person behind Layton Gentry’s unique Crunchy Granola, which changed into made the usage of oats as the main factor.





national granola bar day

With the developing success of granola, businesses began making their variations and promoting them commercially. the primary company turned into puppy incorporated, which delivered the first fundamental business granola, Heartland herbal Cereal, in 1972. Quaker Oats company quickly accompanied in its puppy incorporated footsteps with the aid of introducing Quaker one hundred% natural Granola. but the corporation needed to alternate it to harvest Crunch after Gentry threatened a lawsuit. A 12 months later, Kellogg and standard mills delivered united states of america Morning and natural Valley, respectively.







the primary man or woman to invent granola bars — essentially, granola in compact shape — is Stanley Mason. The variation of granola has turn out to be the most dominant and most popular amongst outdoorsy humans and sports enthusiasts.







  1. Granola bars can be healthy

    When you go for the right granola bar options, you can obtain many health benefits. That includes improved blood pressure and gut health, reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and a rich number of antioxidants.


  2. Every culture has its variation

    The North Americans have granola bars, the Swiss, Australians, and New Zealanders have muesli bars, and the English, Irelanders, and Scottish have flapjacks. Even the Jewish have matzo granola, eaten only during the holiday of Passover.


  3. Granola bars are filling

    If you are having a busy day at work, on the go, or need something that doesn’t require much preparation, granola bars are your go-to meal. When it comes to hiking and sporting activities, you want to stock up on as many granola bars as you can.



Year Date Day
2022 January 21 Friday
2023 January 21 Saturday
2024 January 21 Sunday
2025 January 21 Tuesday
2026 January 21 Wednesday

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