National Friendship Day 2022

 National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day has roots in an old European tradition. Friends from both sides of an axis war may come together in one day to share ideas and to celebrate friendship. Although National Friendship Day has morphed into an international celebration, the origins of the holiday can be traced back to France, where it was called Armistice Day. Armistice was declared a day of peace by a treaty signed by both sides in 1920.

The history of National Friendship Day in the United States can be traced back to 1787 when the Continental Congress declared that it would be a “day of honor and gratitude.” It was then referred to as A Day of Reason, and the resolution was later adopted as the National Day of Friendship. On this day, the United States joined with many other countries in celebrating friendship.national-friendship-day

There are many different ways to observe National Friendship Day in the United States. On July 3rd, the U.S. President’s official house, the White House, hosts a luncheon meeting with heads of state and other dignitaries from various nations. This gathering is called the Tradeshow in America and guests may visit the White House between the dates of July 3rd and 7th. A National Friendship Day picnic is also held on the last weekend of the summer.national-friendship-day

Historically, this national day has been an expression of friendship and support between allied nations. Although not every nation can attend, any country that can send two representatives (in alphabetical order) will be welcome at the luncheon. The United States is represented by Secretary of State John F. Kennedy, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, and Canadian Premier Joseph Trudeau. Canada by its represe ntative, Dr. James MacDonald.


Two days later, a much larger gathering takes place at the White House. This one is called the Unity Candle celebration, which celebrates National Friendship Day in much larger scale than the luncheon. In this celebration the flags of all the nations are draped over the Great Hall of the House, the first American president’s desk is adorned with a Union flag, and there are parades in both Washington D.C. and San Francisco, California. Thousands upon thousands of U.S. citizens attend this celebration, and they are treated to fireworks, dances, and numerous foods and drinks. For many years the National Friendship Day has featured many popular singers and entertainers, among them Elvis Costello, liness, the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons and many others. There have also been instances when politicians from both parties have attended.national-friendship-day

If you are looking for a way to spend some time with old friends, National Friendship Day could be just the thing for you. While the luncheon may be all about celebrating friendship, the actual festival is a wonderful way to show your true friends how much you care about them. In order to make sure that you get the most out of your National Friendship Day, it will be wise for you to make an effort to spend some time each year planning with your true friends. You will find that spending time with your best friends is truly one of the best ways to celebrate your good friend’s day.


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