National flossing day

Flossing Day is well known at the fourth Friday in November (i.e., the Friday after Thanksgiving), that is November 26 this year. the holiday stresses the importance of flossing your teeth every day for extraordinary oral health. can you believe that horsehair became used as dental floss before the discovery of the modern-day floss we use these days?











earlier than the start of written records, people have used a huge variety of substances like dental floss. based totally on anthropological proof found in historical human beings, horsehair was used as one of the first kinds of dental floss. Toothpicks and bite sticks with sharpened factors also are of the tools early humans hired for interdental cleansing.







In 1815, Dr. Levi Spear Parmly, a new Orleans dentist, created the earliest new release of the present day dental floss. It became a skinny, waxen silk thread that he recommended his patients to smooth between their teeth. This thread turned into without difficulty available everywhere as it was utilized in tailoring. 4 years later, Dr. Parmly published his dental book, “a sensible guide to the control of enamel.” in the book, he reco









In 1882, the Codman and Shurtleff organization began generating unwaxed silk floss, marketed as dental floss. In 1898, Johnson & Johnson patented dental floss and started out producing all kinds of waxed and unwaxed dental floss. Johnson & Johnson’s dental floss used the equal silk cloth as surgical stitches.









however, within the Forties, silk have become costly due to the battle, causing the charge of silk dental floss to skyrocket. Dr. Charles Bass introduced the idea of replacing silk with nylon. The idea acquired traction and later brought about the discovery of dental tape.








Dental floss has considering the fact that developed and now is available in exceptional textures, substances, and flavors. they are additionally made to fit distinctive mouths’ sizes and styles. In 2000, the national Flossing Council created Flossing Day to remind everyone of the significance of flossing.











Year Date Day
2022 November 25 Friday
2023 November 24 Friday
2024 November 22 Friday
2025 November 28 Friday
2026 November 27 Friday

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