National flashlight day

at the side of bringing the longest night time, the iciness solstice brings with it countrywide Flashlight Day on December 21. In a few areas of the northern hemisphere, the darkness arrives prior to the solstice. As primitive because it sounds, a flashlight is extraordinarily reachable on this day (or night time, because the case is). All you want is a superb working flashlight with solid batteries.










 History  OF national FLASHLIGHT DAY

permit’s shine a light on the history of the first rate flashlight. Granted, with the arrival of built-in flashlights on smartphones, the original tool isn’t used as a whole lot anymore, but the virtual model nonetheless doesn’t maintain a light (pun supposed) to the actual factor.










country wide Flashlight Day is celebrated at the shortest day of the yr, welcoming the iciness solstice within the northern hemisphere. on this day, the sun ‘stands nevertheless’, resulting in a few regions experiencing extra or much less most effective nine hours of sunlight hours, whereas, further up north, areas just like the Arctic Circle get no light in any respect. The roots of the word ‘solstice’ are Latin — that means the sun status nevertheless.











The origins of country wide Flashlight Day are unknown, however flashlights have served mankind a splendid deal. Illuminating our paths in the darkest of nights, flashlights are still extensively used for investigations and businesses just like the scouts. similarly to the all-purpose flashlight, special variations had been adapted for sports like mining or camping. There are also underwater- and flame-resistant flashlights.









The flashlight changed into made possible by using the invention of mini incandescent mild bulbs and the dry cell, which made battery-powered flashlights a truth in 1899. the invention of the flashlight is owed to the yank-British inventor David Misell. modern flashlights used nowadays utilize light-emitting diodes and often perform on rechargeable or disposable batteries. Recharging batteries the usage of sun power is also a not unusual function on flashlights.










the way to celebrate country wide FLASHLIGHT DAY

1.stay up all night time
organize a night-time poetry jam, tune fest, or storytelling consultation and create a bit of atmosphere using most effective flashlights.





 a e-book
Curl up to your warm and comfy bed and study a e-book the use of a flashlight under the covers. definitely vintage faculty!









3.charge your flashlight
it could have been a while considering that you have taken out your flashlight. change the batteries, deliver the lens an intensive clean-up, and you’re exact to head!











  1. Nothing like traditional

    Digital inventions have replaced almost everything. It is good to be able to take out a household staple like the flashlight and have some fun with it on this holiday.










  1. Seriously though, flashlights are super handy

    You never know when the need for a flashlight may arise. National Flashlight Day reminds us to make sure the whole family knows where the torch is kept and to regularly check and replace its batteries.











  1. The solstice is hauntingly wonderful

    We don’t know about you but there is something chilling yet exciting about the winter solstice and the long night it brings. It encourages spooky activities.












Year Date Day
2021 December 21 Tuesday
2022 December 21 Wednesday
2023 December 21 Thursday
2024 December 21 Saturday
2025 December 21 Sunday

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