National eggnog day

Christmas Eve just got better with country wide Eggnog Day on December 24. you know, the drink this is only to be had in stores at some point of the vacation season. A candy beverage crafted from milk, sugar, spices, cream, and eggs, eggnog has been loved through families a day earlier than Christmas for centuries now. Liquor is optionally available for folks who need to get more festive.










 History OF national EGGNOG DAY

Eggnog, also called egg milk punch whilst organized as an alcoholic drink, is a wealthy and creamy dairy beverage essentially made by way of mixing cream, milk, sugar, and whipped eggs to create a frothy texture. Liquor is non-obligatory, and, once organized, the drink is served chilled.









The origins of this candy Christmas drink are fairly debated, in addition to the primary ingredients used for it. in step with the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase ‘nog’ changed into used to explain a kind of strong beer brewed in East Anglia, England. Others argue that eggnog turned into evolved as a beverage in medieval Europe, the use of piping warm milk.










the first time the time period was published changed into inside the March 26 problem of the “New-Jersey journal” in 1788, referring to a man enjoying a tumbler of eggnog. again, there may be no consensus on how eggnog were given its name. One idea shows that the drink turned into first named ‘grog’, subsequently evolving to ‘eggnog.’ other assets claim that ‘nog’ was used within the antique English vocabulary for a robust ale. So, essentially, this means that egg and nog is a nod to any drink containing eggs and alcohol.











Eggnog may want to probable also had been a spin-off of the as soon as-famous drink enjoyed by using the British known as posset. Made the usage of curdled milk combined with wine, it was often used for medicinal functions. Later, within the 16th century, cream and a citrus base were introduced to the substances.










  1. Move over, Christmas Eve.

    Christmas Eve gets all the attention, being the night before Christmas Day. We love how National Eggnog Day shines a light on one of the best parts of Christmas Eve itself — eggnog!








  1. A cocktail concoction

    When you think about it, eggnog is quite a unique blend. It is neither a smoothie nor a milkshake or powdered drink. It is a totally unique beverage with many ways to enjoy it, and we love it!








  1. Part of the holiday season

    It’s the little things like eggnog that all contribute to making Christmas the joyous occasion it is. Appreciating these little things preserves tradition and keeps it going for future generations to come.










Year Date Day
2021 December 24 Friday
2022 December 24 Saturday
2023 December 24 Sunday
2024 December 24 Tuesday
2025 December 24 Wednesday

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