National Drummer Day dates

Drummers are really gifted human beings, one of the many reasons they’ve earned country wide Drummer Day on November 15. Drummers are so coordinated they are able to do some thing different with every limb and make it all sound perfectly synced. How? studies display that drummers’ brains are sincerely stressed otherwise than us mere mortals, giving them greater problem-solving capabilities and a completely exceptional manner of looking at the world.










 history OF country wide DRUMMER DAY

despite the fact that the first drums ever were comprised of alligator skin and clay pots (such dapper drums for 5050 BC), the artwork of drumming extends properly beyond humans. Macaque monkeys will drum on items rhythmically to expose social dominance. some rodents can even specific verbal exchange through drumming their paws at the ground. additionally, the way wherein animals appear to technique this syncopated sound is just like us, leading many scientists to consider that drumming pre-dates humans in our worldwide evolutionary timeline as a manner of verbal exchange.








So via practicing drumming, you’re absolutely training something that is – maximum probably – older than humanity.









moreover, the drums fundamental form and build has been unchanged for thousands of years. The difference between Rush’s huge drum package and the alligator pores and skin drums determined in China in 5050 BC may also seem large before everything sight but are definitely rather small within the grand scheme of factors. Drums are drums are drums – and playing them turns everybody protecting a beat right into a residing link to the past.









whilst technologies evolve and electric kits fashionably fall inside and outside of fashion, drumming’s significance to the manner we express emotion and speak is still as strong as it was before we ever discovered how to build one.












Year Date Day
2021 November 15 Monday
2022 November 15 Tuesday
2023 November 15 Wednesday
2024 November 15 Friday
2025 November 15 Saturday

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