national croissant day

even as most of us are aware of it as a french speciality, the croissant simply originated in Austria below the name “kipferls”. Marie Antoinette first delivered the Austrian pastry to France whilst she married into the royal own family and requested the simple cake within the crescent form of her fatherland. The French bakers created fancier versions of “kipferls” and as a consequence, the croissant changed into born. In France, the croissant has end up extra state-of-the-art, prompted by using the cuisine style of its country. At it’s maximum basic degree, it’s a frugal sort of breakfast pastry, made from pâte feuilletée (gentle flour of flour, yeast, butter, milk and salt). On January 30, we yearly recognize national Croissant Day, so channel your internal Parisian baker these days and say “oui” to these buttery treats!

country wide CROISSANT DAY activities

1.Channel your internal Parisian chef
The satisfactory manner to enjoy a croissant and simply respect the manner they’re made is to lead them to from scratch. it can be a time-ingesting manner, however it will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey with a reward so buttery and so excellent, it’s genuinely well worth it.

2.Make your very own croissant filling
Croissants are all approximately simplicity, however fillings may be a unique manner to take them up a notch. seize this creative possibility and put together your very own savory or sweet filling. when you consider that croissants are so flexible, you are sure to locate some thing you’ll experience!

3.Take a croissant workshop
This pastry is all approximately approach as opposed to the usage of fancy elements so occasionally it is exceptional to carry it lower back to basics. seek your neighborhood location for a cooking workshop or ask your neighborhood baker for a few tips about making those buttery, flaky treats.


  1. They’re buttery

    Let’s face it, everything is better with butter in it. In this case, butter gives croissants their signature flaky, luscious layers that melt in your mouth. If you don’t end up with slightly greasy fingers, then you didn’t eat a proper croissant.

  2. They’re the perfect breakfast pastry

    Is there a better way to start a Sunday morning? Scratch that—an any-day-of-the week morning? It’s perplexingly both decadent and light, which makes it the most suitable breakfast pastry.

  3. They’re a flaky, don’t-need-a-plate snack

    They’re the perfect handheld treat that’s both chewy and fluffy. The flaky layers make it seem like you’re unwrapping a delicious present even when you’re on the go.


Year Date Day
2022 January 30 Sunday
2023 January 30 Monday
2024 January 30 Tuesday
2025 January 30 Thursday
2026 January 30 Friday

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