national corn chip day

country wide Corn Chip Day is celebrated on January 29 each yr. Corn chips are cherished by means of human beings of different races and ages. it’s far crispy, crunchy, and created from cornmeal. The chips are extraordinarily spiced with salt taste and packed in the bag for longer lifestyles. Corn chips can either be eaten on my own or with one of a kind dips at any time. They’re tasty, they’re yummy, they’re crunchy and they’re known as corn chips. national Corn Chip Day would not be entire with out savoring that sturdy flavor and taste of the corn chip.

history OF countrywide CORN CHIP DAY

Corn chips have been available to devour in view that 1932. Charles Elmer Doolin is the person who popularized corn chips. Doolin owned a sweet store, but he had to boom his inventory by way of which includes corn chips. unfortunately, all of the fried tortillas he tried grew stale very speedy. however as history goes, someday he attempted out fried corn dough strips offered by using a nearby fuel station.

He loved it, and as quickly as he got the recipe, Doolin enriched it and without delay sold luggage of it from his store in 1932. In 1945, Doolin got here to an agreement with Herman Lay (of Lay’s potato chips) to distribute Doolin’s Fritos throughout the u . s . a .. by means of the Fifties, Fritos had developed right into a bestseller of corn chips across the us. the two businesses (Frito and Lay) have been incorporated in 1959, after Doolin’s loss of life, to be known as Frito-Lay.

these days in the U.S., Fritos is one of the oldest and most recognized corn chips. A corn chip is typically organized from cornmeal and is fried in oil, or baked. reputedly, corn chips or Fritos are often harassed with the tortilla chip as the two of them are made from cornmeal, which is baked or fried in hot oil. It often has the form of a small scoop of pasta and a sturdy aroma and taste of roasted corn. The chips are seasoned with a variety of salt and are thick, crispy, and very crunchy. They’re healthful and ideal for every season but, like the whole thing else, should be eaten in moderation.


  1. Corn chips are healthy

    With just three basic ingredients: corn, salt, and veggie oil, corn chips are lower in fat than regular chips and can be a healthy option when enjoyed in moderation.

  2. We get to eat a lot of chips

    Maybe we’re on a diet and badly craving chips. Corn Chip Day is an excuse to eat as much as we can, without feeling guilty. Did we mention how low it is in fat?

  3. It’s a day to get together

    What shouts “party!” louder than a big bowl of chips? especially assorted chips. they can be sneaked into any type of party, and enjoyed.


Year Date Day
2022 January 29 Saturday
2023 January 29 Sunday
2024 January 29 Monday
2025 January 29 Wednesday
2026 January 29 Thursday

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