National cookie exchange day

December 22 is national Cookie trade Day and the glorious occasion when festively-embellished cookie tins and packing containers seem at cookie exchange parties. It’s a conventional celebration in which the host throws a vacation party for circle of relatives and pals, to which everyone brings scrumptious home made cookies to share round. The toughest decision is which cookies to take. Wintertime classics like thumbprint jam cookies or gingerbread are always festive, however since this day celebrates all cookies, move in advance and add in some funfetti cookies or lemon squares!










history OF national COOKIE trade DAY

in keeping with a few culinary historians, our cutting-edge-day idea of cookies may were a glad byproduct of cake-baking. The earliest modern cookies might have been dollops of cake batter used to check if the oven became warm enough. Technically, a cookie is any type of hand-held candy cake, crisp or soft, so this counts in our e-book!









We understand very early cookies got here out of Persia in the seventh century, as this changed into very near where sugar originated, and Persia turned into one of the earliest empires to get a hold of it. while Spain turned into invaded and after the Crusaders mounted the spice change, sugar, and the delectable cookies that it produced started out to unfold all through Europe. in the 14th century, candy cookies could be purchased alongside the streets in Paris.









Cookie recipes began to seem in cookbooks in the 1500s and baking became a critical career in the 17th and 18th centuries. Cookies became works of art and featured careful measurements of mainly-chosen components. within the overdue 1600s, Dutch, English, and Scotch immigrants delivered european cookies, like shortbreads and easy butter cookies, to the us. specifically in the South, those “tea desserts” took off and had been the delight of the Southern housewife.









Cookies had been uniquely encouraged with the aid of American geography after they arrived inside the u . s . a .. Oranges from the West coast and coconuts from the South gradually became covered in cookie recipes as railroads had been laid to connect the nation. in the 1930s, iceboxes gave way to icebox cookies. The 1930s saw the accidental advent of the ever-well-known chocolate chip cookies, whilst the Toll house eating place owner, Ruth Graves Wakefield, thought the chocolate chips might soften into the batter while baked.










Cookie exchanges are a centuries-old tradition dating again to medieval instances. The classic concept is of a holiday party wherein visitors convey a variety of selfmade cookies to exchange with one another. while the festive vacation has candy beginnings, the etiquette associated with them has emerge as complicated and strict. guests are judged for the quantity and nice of their offering, and cookbooks like the Cookie birthday celebration Cookbook outline the acceptable and unacceptable practices.











these days, cookie trade traditions live on in families and friendship groups. even though there’s traditionally a strict etiquette that accompanies the party, you don’t must adhere to it. The spirit of the day is the joy of cookies, so get collectively a set of buddies and have fun the deal with in your own phrases!












  1. Cookies come in endless varieties!

    Snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate – and those are just the standards. If regular flavors don’t float your boat, never fear – in a cookbook somewhere, there is a cookie for you. Throughout human history we have created such a variety of cookie recipes it’s simply impossible to try them all. Lace-up your apron and get cooking new recipes, cookie exchangers!







  1. Cookies can be baked with friends and family

    What better way to bond than chatting while the smell of cookies in the oven wafts through the air? Recruit some friends or family to help you concoct your cookies, and enjoy all the laughter and conversation that follows.








  1. Cookie exchange brings people together

    Nothing brings us together like baked goods. Whether or not you were the baker of the cookies you gift, it’s rewarding to see the smile on the face of the person you hand them off to and the box full of fresh cookies they hand you back just feels like a warm hug.









Year Date Day
2021 December 22 Wednesday
2022 December 22 Thursday
2023 December 22 Friday
2024 December 22 Sunday
2025 December 22 Monday

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