national compliment day

On January 24, have a good time country wide praise Day with the aid of going all out with reward. The electricity of a compliment is pretty incredible: both giving or receiving you possibly can enhance your happiness and confidence — making the act a win-win. You in no way understand when someone ought to use a few exact vibes, so unfold the positivity by means of giving someone a motive to smile!








 history OF national praise DAY

Complimenting humans on an excellent task, or praising them for work we respect, is so engrained in human nature that we do it without even giving it a 2nd thought. which is why we consider it’s vital to praise an awesome compliment! So, without similarly ado, here’s three of our favorite compliments in records:







1. George R.R. Martin’s fan letter.
before he was a first-rate selling author, Martin was a teenage fan boy in love with the sector of comics. In 1964, he wrote a letter addressed to Stan Lee and Don Heck. In his letter, he praised the latest problems of The Avengers and first rate four, announcing he had “in the end come to the selection to have both set up in bronze and set on a pedestal in the middle of my residing room.”






2. Maurice Sendak’s tasty art!
In 2011, Maurice Sendak, author of in which the Wild matters Are, instructed NPR that a infant as soon as expressed his love for the writer’s paintings by means of devouring it. The young boy had sent Sendak a fascinating card with a touch drawing on it, which Maurice cherished. In response, he despatched a card and drew a picture of a Wild issue with the words “expensive Jim: I cherished your card.” Sendak soon acquired a letter returned from Jim’s mom pronouncing “Jim cherished your card so much, he ate it.”





three. Clyde Barrow to Henry Ford
well-known outlaws Bonnie and Clyde’s preferred getaway automobile become reportedly the Ford’s V-eight powered model B. In reality, they even died in a single, after law officers showered their stolen Ford with extra than 130 rounds of steel-jacketed bullets. Clyde wasn’t well practiced in writing, but between heists he took the time to send a letter to Henry Ford, proclaiming ” what a dandy automobile you make.”









40% of compliments accepted
A study found that when women received compliments in general, they only accepted them 40% of the time. However, when women received compliments solely from other women, the number lowered to only accepting them 22% of the time. Researchers conducting this study considered a compliment accepted when it was acknowledged or agreed to with a response such as “Thank you.” However, they found there were three main ways women deflected compliments: with a return compliment (“No, you’re the amazing one!), minimizing their achievements (“It was nothing”), and attributing their success to someone else (“It was really my co-worker who did all the tough work.”)
61% say it embarrasses them
So why do most women find it hard to accept compliments? Well, 61% of women say the main reason is embarrassment, followed by not wanting to draw attention to themselves at 55%, feeling uncomfortable at 47%, and 38% thinking the words weren’t meant sincerely. The thing is, many women feel that accepting a compliment makes them look conceited or full of themselves, which puts them in a tight space when they actually want to accept the compliment but aren’t sure how. The next time your friend deflects your compliment with a self deprecating response or a compliment aimed back at you, let them know that accepting your compliment, and them acknowledging something good about themselves, doesn’t make them a bad person.
63% accepted by men
Men may like receiving compliments more than women do, with studies showing that men only reject compliments 37% of time time. However, where women are usually complimented on their looks, men are often complimented on their skill. Many men have reported wanting to receive more compliments based on their appearance. But where the largest group that women receive compliments from is other women, most men don’t give other men compliments on their appearance. Though it isn’t common practice to do so, that can always change now. If you have a male friend that you haven’t complimented in a while, tell them something you appreciate about their appearance to raise their self-esteem and show them you’re paying attention to their fashion efforts


  1. It can build confidence

    Receiving a compliment can certainly brighten your day. Having someone notice positive traits can instantly make you stand a littler taller and walk more confidently.

  2. Anyone has the ability to celebrate

    Unlike Christmas, where you’re stressing out about spending money on gifts, compliments are free. Plus, anyone can give a compliment — regardless of what’s in your bank account.

  3. Compliments work — in the workplace

    Here’s some helpful advice for bosses and supervisors: Compliments are a powerful way to motivate continued employee efforts. Studies show that rewarding a person with either compliments or money activate the same area of the brain. Thus, compliments can increase on-the-job performance.


Year Date Day
2022 January 24 Monday
2023 January 24 Tuesday
2024 January 24 Wednesday
2025 January 24 Friday
2026 January 24 Saturday

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