National Coffee Day -Friday, October-1

WHAT is National Coffee Day?

This popular food holiday celebrates Coffee Lovers, recognises Coffee Lovers around the globe who work tirelessly to make and deliver an estimated 3 billion cups of delicious coffee to the world on a daily basis.










Every year on this day, people from around the world gather together to share their love of this wonderful hot drink with one another.

Why is National Coffee Day celebrated in September? The answer lies in the fact that September is the start of the wet season, when the weather is perfect for a break from the dry summer heat. In addition, September also marks the start of the fall season, which is typically a wetter season than the summer months. Finally, September also marks the 50th anniversary of the first coffee machine, which has become a symbol of the freedom from home and work that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy. All these factors have led to the decision to celebrate National Coffee Day throughout the country on the 8th September.

When did National Coffee Day come about? A simple search of the internet will reveal that there have been various celebrations throughout the years to celebrate this popular and much loved drink. However, the true story of how this popular beverage became a global phenomenon may surprise some people. On the morning of 7th September, in a small town in Tanzania, an unknown man by the name of Thomas Young brewed what would become known as the first ever coffee, following his three-year trip to Ethiopia.










National Coffee Day -Friday, October-1

It was not long before this extraordinary brew was shipped across the globe to areas such as America, Australia and Canada. On the first day of National Coffee Day, Tanzania declared that it was the first ever national coffee day. A simple cup of the perfect cup of coffee was seen as a sign of happiness by many locals and travellers, who were able to taste the amazing brew. The next day, it became even more popular when a cup was gifted to King George VI at a tea party in honour of his marriage to Queen Elizabeth.

It was not long before National Coffee Day was celebrated in every major city state across the globe, with the United States leading the way with over two million cups being consumed throughout the day. Every year, different cups and brands are added to the celebration, with the cups being decorated with the country’s coat of arms. There is even a day in America designated as National Coffee Day, although the American version does not follow the format of brewing the perfect cup.










The origins of National Coffee Day are attributed to Thomas Young, who became so impressed by the beverage that he included it in his almanac. Although there were no official national celebrations of the day until the 1930s, it was soon recognized as a statutory holiday in all the states, and National Coffee Day was proclaimed a permanent fixture of the calendar on the first day of September every year. Although officially designated as a public holiday in many states, National Coffee Day continues to be regarded as a private celebration. Coffee lovers everywhere celebrate this popular day with a cup of their favourite beverage in the morning.


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