National Chocolate Cupcake Day – October 18

what’s countrywide CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE DAY?

country wide Chocolate Cupcake Day is each 12 months on October 18 – a day wherein office spoil rooms everywhere fill with a special type of joy simplest introduced by way of chocolate cupcakes (thank you Jan). Chocolate cupcakes have been born out of a 1796 cookbook referred to as American Cookery and feature in view that grown right into a worldwide craze and dessert staple. So permit’s admire all there’s about deliciously chocolate cupcakes and the happiness they bring about to all of us who enjoys them.











countrywide CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE DAY related vacations

The large brothers of chocolate cupcakes, you get the identical deliciousness in a bigger, richer, denser, decadent technique on countrywide chocolate cake day. do not forget this an opportunity to show off your baking capabilities and treat your pals and circle of relatives to some thing unique, scrumptious, and full of chocolatey goodness.









country wide warm Chocolate Day

We’re not announcing you should melt down that chocolate cupcake and drink it, but what would pass higher with a delicious chocolate cupcake on a chilly, winter’s day? hot chocolate. these days is an appreciation of that heat, contentment that a nice, steaming cup of hot chocolate brings us all.










country wide Cupcake Day

country wide cupcake day is a nationwide party of each and all varieties of cupcakes. yes, meaning crimson velvet, vanilla, caramel, carrot, you call it – that is for all of the cupcakes out there. And, of course, this also includes chocolate cupcakes. They’re so special they get days.











Year Date Day
2021 October 18 Monday
2022 October 18 Tuesday
2023 October 18 Wednesday
2024 October 18 Friday
2025 October 18 Saturday

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