23 Nov

National Cashew Day 2021 in United States

country wide Cashew Day is well known each yr on November 23 all around the u.s.. This kidney-fashioned nut isn’t just loved in the usa, it’s also popular around the world. they have got innumerable uses — snack on them, prepare dinner with them, and even get drunk off of them! Cashews are indeed elite nuts that deserve an afternoon to have fun them. national Cashew Day is that special day dedicated to taking part in the crunchy, savory, and flexible nut in many approaches.

history OF national CASHEW DAY

The call ‘cashew’ comes from the Portuguese for its fruit, ‘caju’ or ‘acaju,’ derived from the Tupian phrase ‘acajú,’ this means that ‘nut that produces itself.’ Cashews, in contrast to different nuts, develop like tails out of the lowest of cashew apples. Their timber are usually large, however Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, is home to the world’s largest cashew tree, which covers greater than eighty one,000 rectangular toes, almost 70 times the dimensions of a normal one! The outer masking of the cashew nut contains an anacardic acid that causes skin inflammation, that’s why when Europeans first discovered cashews in Brazil in 1558, they notion they have been inedible.

The Tupi-Indians, a nearby native tribe, confirmed the Portuguese the price of the actual seed, which they had observed whilst looking the nearby capuchin monkeys. They trained the Portuguese to roast the seeds to get the irritant off. not handiest did they come to revel in the taste of cashews, they even made wine out of its fruit’s pulp. The Portuguese have been such enthusiasts of the nut that their missionaries brought cashews to Goa, India, in 1560. The Indian weather proved the best healthy to plant them, and cashews took the u . s . a . via typhoon. Indians even discovered recovery homes in the nut, including to its recognition. Cashews unfold hastily via Southeast Asia and Africa and became essential components of their meals and trade. It wasn’t till 1905 that cashews reached the us. They initially saw a sluggish spread, simplest becoming famous around the mid-1920s while the general meals business enterprise started out regularly delivery cashews to the U.S. and Europe. once people were given a taste of it, the call for for cashews spiked. by using 1941, about 22,046.23 tons had been imported from India annually.

studies has shown that these nuts are powerful antidepressants. they’re wealthy in minerals and vitamins and a super component for soups, stews, desserts, specifically in Latin American and Asian delicacies. other components of the primary plant, together with the fruit, oil, pulp, bark, are simply as valuable.


  1. They are America’s faves

    The United States is responsible for the consumption of more than 90% of cashews produced globally!

  2. They are born green

    Cashews are green before their seed is roasted.

  3. They can get you drunk

    Fermented and distilled juice from cashew apples contains 40-42% alcohol known as ‘feni.’

  4. They heal tummy aches

    Traditional Mayan medicine makes tea from the leaves or bark of cashews that treats diarrhea.

  5. An industrial nut

    Cashew nuts are used to make industrial products like paint, brake liners, lubricants, waterproofing, and in World War II, they were even used for arms production.


    Year Date Day
    2021 November 23 Tuesday
    2022 November 23 Wednesday
    2023 November 23 Thursday
    2024 November 23 Saturday
    2025 November 23 Sunday

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