national candy day

we hope your sweet enamel is prepared, because November 4 is countrywide sweet Day. these candy and bitter treats have been our favorite snack due to the fact that adolescence. whether they’re difficult, chewy, fruit flavored, or a “soften to your mouth now not in your hand” type of deal with, sweet has been a steady source of happiness and, as we become old, nostalgia.

history OF national sweet DAY

The story of sweet begins in India. between the sixth and 4th centuries BC, the Persians and Greeks found out that the humans in India had, what they referred to as, reeds that make honey with out bees. those reeds have been in reality sugarcane, that is indigenous to Southeast Asia. historical Indians might boil sugarcane juice, turning it into person pieces of sugar, which they known as “khanda.”

before sugarcane become domesticated outdoor of Asia, honey was used in historical China, the middle East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome to coat end result and flora, which could hold them and flip them into a shape of sweet. earlier than the economic Revolution, sweet was used as medication to either calm the digestive system or cool the throat. in the center a long time, sweet changed into more often than not consumed by using the rich and turned into made from sugar and spices to useful resource digestive problems, which were very commonplace, as meals become neither fresh nor balanced.

candy first got here to america within the 18th century from France and Britain. only a few colonists have been skilled in sugar work, that means handiest the wealthy were able to experience these new treats. inside the 1830s, while the industrial Revolution was in complete swing, technological advances allowed sweet to be handy to extra than simply the rich, such as a brand new marketplace mainly for youngsters. even as some artisan sugar people remained, candy stores were turning into an American staple, mainly inside the lives of children across the u . s .. Penny sweet have become the primary factor a infant might spend their money on, and candy shop owners relied totally on the commercial enterprise of youngsters and households to keep them jogging.



Year Date Day
2021 November 4 Thursday
2022 November 4 Friday
2023 November 4 Saturday
2024 November 4 Monday
2025 November 4 Tuesday



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