National Candy Cane Day

countrywide sweet Cane Day is on December 26, and even as that doesn’t suggest it’ll keep us from munching at the sugary sticks as early as Thanksgiving, it does supply us a risk to indulge as an awful lot as we can earlier than New yr’s. With beginnings in 17th-century Germany, those candy treats have been curved to symbolize the shepherds’ crooks. They later made their way to the states within the mid-nineteenth century. Now we see them everywhere, even on bushes.









national candy CANE DAY sports

add a few candy canes to your warm chocolate
If you are like our households, you would possibly use at the present time to rest and recharge after days of bustling around for the holidays. it’s the proper excuse to twist up with some hot chocolate. celebrate candy canes via crushing some up into your warm drink.










Make peppermint bark
you will be tired of cookies and different baked goods. in that case, this will be the perfect treat due to the fact that it’s made with beaten candy canes, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. Peppermint bark can also function the precise “thanks” for that candy present your obtained.










stock up for next yr
it is the day after Christmas, which generally manner the fee of candy canes has gone down a bit. check out some stores to stock up. They remaining to three years.










  1. Candy canes remind us it’s time for the holidays

    You might live in a place where it’s warm year-round and you never see snow. You might be too distracted by work and other adult things. But, everyone can agree that when they see a candy cane, they know exactly what time of year it is.









  1. Childhood nostalgia

    Munch on a candy cane to jog your memories of a snow day with your siblings, or trading candy canes in grade school. They can bring on those special moments with just the rip of a plastic wrapper.









  1. Candy canes have their benefits

    Candy canes are made of sugar, peppermint oil, and water. From helping with bad breath to serving as a digestion aid and mood booster, this peppermint candy can bring plenty of good to your life.










Year Date Day
2021 December 26 Sunday
2022 December 26 Monday
2023 December 26 Tuesday
2024 December 26 Thursday
2025 December 26 Friday

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