National C60 Day – October 9

national C60 Day, on October nine, creates attention of the molecule C60 — categorised as a “loose radical sponge” with incredible antioxidant properties, and endless advantages. despite the fact that it could sound like the name of a man or woman from “superstar Wars” — and turned into in reality determined through scientists studying interstellar area — C60 is absolutely herbal and is virtually found inside the carbon-rich atmospheres of massive red stars. C60’s antioxidant electricity is numerous hundred instances better than that of traditional antioxidants, which is what units it aside. it really works on the mobile level to raise the oxidative burden and enhances mitochondrial function.










What units C60 producers apart is how they purify C60. C60, purified via sublimation (vs. the normally used “oven-baked method,” which includes solvents) is usually recommended, and even though it’s a touch pricier than other C60 merchandise, you’ll surely get what you pay for — a cleaner product with truly no solvents used throughout the purification procedure. you could get hold of 99.ninety nine% natural, sublimated C60 via C60 pink power.



records OF national C60 DAY

Carbon is the idea of lifestyles, and in spite of it being a commonplace element, it is one of the most complex and maximum studied. C60, or Carbon 60, is a fullerene uniquely made up of 60 carbon atoms that obviously occur, corresponding to a tiny, hole soccer ball. The right scientific time period for C60 is Buckminsterfullerene, named after the revolutionary theorist, inventor, and futurist, Buckminster Fuller. He changed into the primary to hypothesize the lifestyles of the molecule in 1979 and anticipated that the carbon molecule could be widely utilized in medicinal drug inside the future.









In 1985, Sir Harold Walter Kroto of the college of Sussex along side Richard Smalley and Bob Curl of Rice university performed experiments to decide the molecule liable for soaking up infrared light in outer area. Spectrometry proof confirmed the formation of C60 atoms, with a spheroidal geometry. Their serendipitous findings resulted inside the discovery of National C60 Day The molecule changed into named Buckminsterfullerene in honor of Buckminster Fuller.

National C60 Day – October 9

The three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for coming across C60 on October nine, 1996. every year on this date, countrywide C60 Day is celebrated.







So wherein did C60 come from? now not handiest is C60 located in nature, however it very probably predates existence in the world. it is produced by way of dying stars, called red giants, and it is able to be located in meteor influences, lightning strikes, and really tiny amounts can be discovered in the burnt wicks of candles. The amazing versatility and resilience of C60 have led some to indicate that C60 may have played a component inside the formation of existence itself. these days, C60 has gained a reputation within the opportunity fitness community and is more and more recommended with the aid of docs and nutritionists.National C60 Day









WHY countrywide C60 DAY IS vital

no longer best is C60 a effective antioxidant, however it also won’t interfere with signaling molecules or drug treatments, unlike many different antioxidants. C60 simplest responds to rather charged oxidative radicals which include hydroxyl radicals and superoxide.









despite its wonderful properties and fitness advantages, C60 is especially unknown as it’s a these days discovered molecule. there’s additionally resistance to attempting C60 and making it a staple in our lives. maximum of this is because of a lack of knowledge approximately the blessings, in addition to misconceptions and misinformation surrounding research approximately C60. national C60 Day informs everyone approximately the wonderful discovery of C60 and its capability benefits.










thrilling C60 studies

A 2007 have a look at determined that C60 in human mast cells lessened hypersensitive reactions and related inflammation.




A 2009 human observe located that C60 should promote hair growth via fighting oxidative damage around the hair follicles.




In a 2010 human look at, C60 turned into located to guard human pores and skin cells towards ultraviolet harm.






In a 2010 double-blind, human have a look at, it was found that after applied topically, C60 changed into effective at lessening the advent of first-class traces and wrinkles.








Year Date Day
2021 October 9 Saturday
2022 October 9 Sunday
2023 October 9 Monday
2024 October 9 Wednesday
2025 October 9 Thursday


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