national bootlegger’s day

countrywide Bootlegger’s Day is celebrated on January 17, every 12 months, to mark several key events — the start of prohibition within the U.S., the distillation of Templeton Rye whiskey, and the birthday of the infamous gangster Al Capone. what is most exciting is how all 3 occasions are interconnected too. It was the onset of prohibition that brought about each Capone and farmers in Templeton, Iowa, to distill their very own whiskey to sell. This became how the famous Templeton Rye whiskey changed into born, and its recognition spread like wildfire at some point of prohibition… so much so that it have become Al Capone’s preferred whiskey.

history OF countrywide BOOTLEGGER’S DAY

just as Robin Hood is famed for being an outlaw, all of us love a touch subversion from time to time. With country wide Bootlegger’s Day, we get a chance to raise a toast to the daring bootleggers of prohibition who painted the otherwise hazardous occupation in a more romantic mild, and triggered many bootleggers to emerge as the stuff of legends.

the first observance of national Bootlegger’s Day turned into in 2015, instated through Infinium Spirits to celebrate the beginning of Templeton Rye, a whiskey distilled via farmers in Templeton, Iowa, throughout the heights of the prohibition. although Infinium Spirits sells a variety of manufacturers, Templeton Rye has a special day to itself owing to its mythical records.

national bootlegger’s day

The term bootlegger itself has its origins in Midwest the usa, throughout the 1880s. White folks could regularly hide flasks of liquor of their boots whilst carrying out unlawful liquor trade with native americans, and this nifty approach of hiding liquor in boots became used by the army too. soldiers could regularly sneak alcohol into base camp by hiding the flasks in their boots. thus the time period got here to be used for any smuggler of liquor who smuggled booze over land. people who smuggled alcohol through water were called ‘rum-runners’.

despite the fact that prohibition was declared on January 17, 1920, the gangsters and different underworld contributors refused to let this down their vibe. while one thinks of the Twenties, at once lavish, jazz-filled, and liquor-fuelled soirees come to thoughts, and so those could not come to a halt because of the regulation. at the same time as others employed bootleggers to smuggle alcohol from Canada and Mexico, Alphonse Kerkhoff decided to capitalize on each manufacturing and distribution by hiring farmers in Templeton, Iowa, to distill their personal whiskey and promote it. This moneymaking undertaking become a achievement on all counts, as Templeton Rye spread to speakeasies across Omaha, Kansas metropolis, and Michigan.


  1. It’s subversive

    We all have a rebel soul in there somewhere, so the idea of subversion is always exciting. The stories of bootlegging can be filled with adventure and drama, so it’s fun to immerse oneself in them, even if just for a day.


  2. A chance to experience “the good stuff”

    Templeton Rye, when it was first being smuggled, became known as “the good stuff” in code language. People even refer to it as Capone’s whiskey now. Now everyone has a chance to throw back to the 1920s, when the wisdom was to “live life to the lees, because you only get one.”


  3. It romanticizes bootleggers

    If we really stop to think about it, the risky occupation of a bootlegger does not seem that glamorous, but when put in the context of history, it makes for good entertainment. It’s a chance to learn about the other side of history and to objectively decide things for yourself.



Year Date Day
2022 January 17 Monday
2023 January 17 Tuesday
2024 January 17 Wednesday
2025 January 17 Friday
2026 January 17 Saturday

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