national battery day

country wide Battery Day is well known on February 18. believe what our lives would be like without batteries? we will must live glued to the electric sockets to experience era. luckily, we’ve got batteries that hold us related without a direct energy source. we are able to watch T.V., use our phones and different mobile devices, and light up the bulbs without relying on a strength supply. Do batteries are what make our phones mobile? with out them, we wouldn’t be able to use our phones with out energy. You wouldn’t be reading this without batteries.

 History OF country wide BATTERY DAY

consider operating on a huge project on a computing device with a battery. Now, what if there’s a quick energy outage? sure, it’s miles dangerous, if you do no longer have opportunity power for seamless go with the flow.

Batteries have been in use because the 19th century. It became first created whilst Italian Scientist Alessandro Volta layered silver, separated via paper and dipped in salt or acid and zinc to form the ‘voltaic piles’ in 1800. those piles generated electric powered modern-day. This paved a manner for evolution as in 1802, William Cruickshank designed a battery for mass production.

Corrosion remained a important impediment till the Daniell mobile came alongside. It was invented with the aid of John Daniell, a chemist who received accolades for this invention which reduced corrosion while storing batteries. later on, Columbia, the first commercially available battery, become introduced with the aid of the countrywide Carbon organization in 1896, birthing the 4D battery created for flashlights two years later. Batteries were later introduced to watches and clocks, and are actually used for numerous functions. Batteries are utilized in almost whatever pushed by way of strength. it is located in automobiles, mobile phones, computer systems, televisions, radios, calculators, machinery, solar panels, electricity banks, remote controls, and right down to your alarm clock.

here are some tips for the use of batteries. make certain you read commands on batteries earlier than use. For green batteries, preserve them at room temperature or decrease. This reduces the charge of chemical interest in the batteries.

Do no longer keep old and new batteries collectively. Do not keep your batteries in a metallic box, and don’t forget to preserve them from humidity.

Do no longer puncture or damage batteries. Recycle lithium and button batteries; alkaline, manganese, and carbon-zinc batteries may be disposed of with the trash.


  1. We need batteries

    We need to be able to carry out our activities without being stuck to a power outlet. Batteries allow us to be on the go.

  2. Back up

    In case of an emergency, batteries are our backup source of power. We use them in flashlights, inverters, and power banks.

  3. Never stranded

    Since we have batteries, we can always recharge our phones with power banks or cars. We are never stranded or delayed because we will always have an alternative source.


Year Date Day
2022 February 18 Friday
2023 February 18 Saturday
2024 February 18 Sunday
2025 February 18 Tuesday
2026 February 18 Wednesday

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