National Alabama Day

national Alabama Day is on December 14 every year. There’s a lot to love approximately this day. It’s a homage to Alabama — a kingdom steeped in fascinating records that extensively prompted the path of yank history and politics. Alabama, with its stunning people, landscapes, meals, and subculture, fought difficult to enroll in the Union. The nation epitomizes Southern hospitality and warm nostalgia all round. A unique day for a really specific place — here’s to you, Alabama!











 History OF country wide ALABAMA DAY

We realize Alabama as the coronary heart of america’s Deep South. but, this captivating area comes with a protracted and rich records — each earlier than and after it might turn out to be part of america. before european settlers arrived right here in the 16th century, Alabama turned into home to numerous indigenous peoples. The Spaniards had been the first Europeans to explore the area, paving the way for different european countries to reach.










The 250 years that observed noticed severa battles for control of the vicinity most of the French, British, and the Spanish. those activities might culminate into the yankee war of Independence. What’s more, the rules of the cotton economic system started out round this time — an institution that might pass directly to form Alabama society, tradition, and history.









earlier than becoming a member of the Union, Alabama became part of the Mississippi Territory. Up until then, Alabama become claimed by the colony of Georgia. As stress to create two states established, Congress carved out a brand new Alabama territory from the east of the Mississippi Territory. William Wyatt Bibb turned into the location’s territorial governor.









within two years, the Alabama territory grew in populace and financial system. Petitions for statehood soon became louder. Alabama’s shift to statehood started at a constitutional convention that happened in Huntsville. Six months later, Congress surpassed a decision on December 14 granting statehood to Alabama — the only country delivered to the Union that year. Alabama joined the Union some months before Maine and a year after Illinois. The city of Cahawba in Dallas County became the primary capital, and William Wyatt Bibb became the nation’s first governor.










plenty later, the unassuming city of Sir Bernard Law in Alabama would set the degree for the Civil Rights motion that swept the rest of the united states and the sector.










  1. They had a different name

    Not too many ’Bama fans know that until 1892, Crimson Tide was called “The Thin Red Line.”



  1. The story behind the “Million Dollar Band”

    The inspiration for the band name came from this press comment, “Your football is not very good, but your band is worth a million bucks.”



  1. Bear Bryant’s mascot misgivings

    The legendary coach Bear Bryant never really liked the elephant mascot.



  1. Self-fulfilling prophecies

    After famously saying he would “croak in a week” if he stopped coaching, Bryant passed away 27 days after his final game.



  1. Rolling Tide outside football

    Originally a cheer made famous by Bama fans, “roll tide” can also refer to carrying on and showing excitement about life in general.




  1. Remembering history

    A day to revel in shared contexts is always a cause for celebration. Celebrating with Alabama not only recognizes the state’s identity but reminds us of the collective history that led to the creation of the United States of America.



  1. For the love of all things Southern

    Alabama is an outstanding state, and we love everything about it. It’s the perfect day to celebrate everything that makes it unique — sweet tea, barbecues, football, and rich history, to name a few.



  1. Any excuse to play old-time music

    A special day for Alabama also reminds us of good old country and bluegrass. It’s the perfect way to revel in America’s rich musical heritage.




Year Date Day
2021 December 14 Tuesday
2022 December 14 Wednesday
2023 December 14 Thursday
2024 December 14 Saturday
2025 December 14 Sunday

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