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measure your feet day

degree Your feet Day is well known on January 23 every year. in case you heard about the holiday and scrunched up your face in confusion about why we need a day for measuring your feet, then measure Your ft Day is maximum clearly for you. The ft are one of the maximum overlooked components of the body. most of the people don’t give any special interest to their feet.

measure Your toes Day has a deeper motive than without a doubt getting human beings to whip out measuring tapes and evaluate feet sizes for bragging rights. only a few human beings know their real shoe size, and this means that the majority’s footwear are both too tight or too loose. This results in pain and soreness within the ft. So in fact, degree Your feet Day is truely approximately foot health.

history OF measure YOUR toes DAY

no one clearly knows who first started out degree Your feet Day, but a few resources credit score it to an ancient tradition in Iceland. Spring is a very cold time in Iceland. during excessive rainstorms within the spring, ancient Icelandic natives might run into their huts and celebrate the arrival of the storms by measuring their ft in pairs and collaborating in the ancient Icelandic rite called Shelbing. Shelbing is completed via excessive-fiving a fellow Icelander with your ft.

The high-quality way to degree your accurate shoe size is with a Brannock device. The Brannock tool is a foot measuring tool that changed into invented by way of Charles F. Brannock. Charles Brannock developed the measuring tool over the path of years. He patented the primary prototype of the tool in 1925 after which made an improved model two years later in 1927. The Brannock tool changed into manufactured and offered through the Brannock tool organization which was headed by means of Charles Brannock himself till his demise in 1992. you can find samples of the first actual Brannock tool at the Smithsonian group in Washington D.C. The Brannock tool tells you your precise foot size through measuring the period, width, and arch period of the foot.

The Brannock tool is so vital, specifically for athletes, that in 2018, the Syracuse minor league baseball crew renamed themselves to the Syracuse gadgets for one night time in honor of the Brannock device and its immeasurable contributions to their foot fitness.

feet increase at exceptional stages of our lives. They flatten and get wider from all of the strain they get subjected to. because feet make bigger underneath pressure, the first-rate time to measure your ft is after a difficult day of walking.


  1. Athletes shouldn’t be the only ones to care for their feet

    The feet are the foundation of the body, and everyone needs to take care of their feet more. Even if your feet aren’t the moneymaker of your body as it is with athletes, they are still the home of all your mobility.

  2. It prevents further health problems

    Wearing the wrong shoe size can lead to several feet issues including calluses, hammer toe, and ingrown nails. Measure Your Feet Day helps us prevent these health problems by catching them before they happen.

  3. No one should have to wear the wrong size shoe

    Wearing the wrong shoe size can be very uncomfortable and no one should have to do it. No one should have to wear shoes that leave them with pains, blisters, or marks on their feet. Shoes should protect your feet, not injure them.


Year Date Day
2022 January 23 Sunday
2023 January 23 Monday
2024 January 23 Tuesday
2025 January 23 Thursday
2026 January 23 Friday

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