Marwar Festival Day

The Marwar Festival is celebrated in the month of October / November and is one of the biggest festivals of northern India. This grand festival that falls on the day of Dhanteras. When the entire community gathered to worship the Goddess of wealth, Brigha Marwar. The Goddess is depicted as a beautiful woman holding a pot of water, symbolizing the wealth and prosperity that the community believes in. Brigha Marwar is the symbol of Lord Krishna. Marwar Festival Day





The festival on this day has a lot of spiritual significance. It celebrates the importance of serenity and peace, and it is one of the six Panchkarma ceremonies in the Hindu calendar. On this day, Marwar gets completely cleaned out of dirt and any other possible pollutants that were present during the previous year. Hundreds of cows are sacrificed for this purpose and the entire community participates in cleaning. It is believed that the Goddess of wealth was present in the Earth during that time, and hence, she is believed to be present in the soil now.




Marwar Festival Day is not only about the religious importance of this day. It is also seen to be one of the largest national celebrations of the Marwar region. Marwar is dotted with thousands of temples, and each one of them holds a different view of the same deity. Marwar is considered to be the most colorful town and most populated area in all of India.


City has been the most important center of Pahalgam and Rajasthan festivities for ages. Every year Marwar attires itself with all the festivity and pomp that it can manage. Marwar has many hotels that are situated in various parts of town. Most of these hotels have large hospitality facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and reception desks etc. There are also several shopping complexes that offer a wide variety of Marwar dresses, jewelry, accessories and even Marwar dishes.



Marwar Festival Day is celebrated in two different days. On the day when the celebrations begin, the gates of the City will open to the people. This is known as ‘Panch-Tikta-Ghrut’ or the birthday of the Prince of Wales. All the roads in and around the City are decorated with flowers, garlands and other various objects that the Prince would like to be seen. People can enter the City free of cost.



Marwar is also famous for its handicrafts, which are produced by the villagers and mostly exported to other parts of India and abroad. On the other day, Marwar becomes a mourning place as people pay tribute to the deceased prince. Thousands of candles are lit and Marwar becomes a mourning place for the entire city. The entire celebration ends on a full moon night.

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