Malaysia Day 2021 l Thursday, September 16

Thursday, September 16 is Malaysia Day 2021. Malaysia Day, also known as Festival of Malaysia, is a popular national holiday in Malaysia. The festival celebrates the nation’s history and the values of Malaysia. Malaysia is a multicultural country and most of its people are of different races. Malaysia Day celebrations mark the accomplishment of a unity drive by Malaysia’s ethnic Malays, who comprise over 80 percent of the population.

To all my Malaysian friends, I wish you a happy Merdeka Day! you'r a w...

Malaysia Day celebrations are widely popular worldwide with tourists from all corners of the world. On this day, Malaysia is also widely celebrated with various activities like sending flowers to loved ones, eating foods that are unique to Malaysia, learning about Malaysia Day history, reading books about Malaysia and more. On this day, every district in Malaysia has its own Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Perankan and Eurasian cultural programmes. It is a time for families to gather together and eat traditional meals in schools, colleges and homes, enjoy music, dance and fireworks, enjoy fun fairs and shows, and take part in different Malaysia Day activities such as horse riding, singing and playing games.

Malaysia Day is one of the major national holidays in Malaysia, which witnesses a large number of tourists from across the globe. In fact, according to a recent survey, Malaysia receives around 4 million overseas tourists, who spend time in Malaysia alone. This year, following the popular vote on 8th July, the People’s Assembly election was held, and the ruling party lost its majority in the House of Representatives (HKC) for the first time in its five-decade rule. In reaction to this, the People’s Assembly declared that Malaysia Day will be celebrated every year on the first Sunday of November to recognize the country’s people and government.

Malaysia Day celebrations to mark the national day of unity, brotherhood and cooperation among all communities in Malaysia, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Malayans and many other races. The day is also widely celebrated in Singapore, which is a modest attempt to project regional identity and cultural diversity through public celebrations. A number of countries observe separate Malaysia Day celebrations, while Malaysia celebrates its own version of Sepulah Al-Fitr as well. Sepulah Al-Fitr is a religious festival, which coincides with Malaysia Day. The federal government also jointly celebrates the martyrdom day with Pakistan.

Malaysia Day celebrations are distinguished by the use of the national flag as the central emblem, which is red in colour. On the first day of Malaysia Day, Malaysia’s leaders lay a blue silk banner on top of the dome in Kuala Lumpur called Merdeka Jelang or Voice of Greatness. The colours and the writing on this banner to express the nation’s identity, culture, unity and pride. At the end of the speech, a prayer is performed in Sanskrit, the national language, by an Indian monk. Malaysia Day celebrations mark the beginning of the Buddhist fasting period called Dhamal. The spiritual festival is believed to have been founded by a Malaysian nobleman, who is said to have converted to Buddhism after spending time in India.

Malaysia Day celebrations mark the beginning of Bumiphuk day, which commemorates the birth of Malaysia. On this day, Malaysia and Singapore declare their independence from Federation of Malaysia and Singapore. The independence movement continues for decades but is quashed when the people of these nations reached the western world. On the peninsularMalaysia Island, an island off the east coast of Malaysia, on Malaysia Day, local people celebrate the glorious events that marked their nation’s independence. During Malaysia Day celebrations, the country’s national flower, the Orchid, is admired by locals and tourists alike.

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