Make a Difference Day October 23

Make a distinction Day is well known annually on the fourth Saturday of October, on October 23 this 12 months. if you have ever wondered if your movements can make a distinction, the solution is yes. And if you have puzzled in which to start, the solution is Make a distinction Day. We come collectively to volunteer, raise finances, provide assist, and learn about the most urgent needs of our society. You don’t should be part of an N.G.O. or travel to every other u . s . a . — you may begin through cleaning your own outdoor (literally and figuratively) due to the fact volunteering is all about becoming the alternate you desire to see inside the global.











records OF MAKE A distinction DAY

such a lot of human beings think that their lone efforts will in no way make a difference. we are here to tell you they do. Make a distinction Day makes a case for the electricity of person contribution to the greater precise.









Make a difference Day was created by way of “usa Weekend” magazine in 1992 to offer community aid and inspire volunteerism throughout the united states. points of mild, a non-income business enterprise based through former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, is the respectable co-sponsor of Make a difference Day. Ever considering its inception, Make a distinction Day has echoed in 30 international locations and has stimulated over 30 million volunteer hours.








for many years, “u.s.a. Weekend” served as the important area for involved volunteers to gather statistics about volunteering for Make a difference Day. This carrier has now been taken over with the aid of “united states today”.








From collecting stuffed toys for firefighters to organizing a national remedy attempt inside the aftermath of storm Sandy, Make a difference Day has offered instrumental humanitarian resource to the u . s . a ..









Year Date Day
2022 October 22 Saturday
2023 October 28 Saturday
2024 October 26 Saturday
2025 October 25 Saturday
2026 October 24 Saturday

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