Magha Puja in Thailand

Makha Bucha falls on February sixteen, the overall moon day of the third lunar month, and we’re right here to tell you the way you could celebrate the day inside the exceptional possible way. Did you understand that it has been more than 2,500 years due to the fact that Siddharta attained enlightenment and have become referred to as Buddha — The Enlightened One? Makha Bucha, additionally called Magha Puja is determined to commemorate the assembly of Buddha and his first 1,200 disciples. Makha or Magha is the month, and Bucha or Puja means prayer. it’s also called Saṅgha Day and Fourfold meeting Day, and it is celebrated in components of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Māgha Pūjā in Thailand


the precise origins of the start of Buddha are not regarded. There were conflicting theories, a few suggesting that he become born around 600 B.C. at the same time as others in elements of Japan and Korea advocate that he became born in 800 B.C. Buddha turned into born as Siddhartha in Lumbini, gift-day Nepal, in an aristocratic circle of relatives. while Siddharta was conceived his mom went to her father’s location in Kapilavastu. As a youngsters, Siddharta had the privileges of life. His father Suddhodana turned into the hereditary monarch of the Suryavansha (sun Dynasty).




Māgha Pūjā in Thailand

Later, while Siddharta stepped out of the dominion, he faced the realities of existence. He noticed poverty, struggling, and loss of life, which deeply moved him and gave him existential crisis. Siddharta determined to go away his nation and the pleasures of life and lead the lifestyles of an ascetic. And as a result, Siddharata commenced meditating. it’s far at some point of this time that he realized the importance of the middle route, this is, growing a balance between self-indulgence and excessive asceticism. In Bodh Gaya, sitting underneath the Mahabodhi tree, Siddharta attained enlightenment and have become referred to as Buddha — The Enlightened One.






Ten months after the enlightenment accompanied the activities that brought about Makha Bucha. the first 1,2 hundred disciples of Buddha, who’ve attained enlightenment themselves, collected to look Buddha without being summoned. It become also the whole moon night of the 0.33 lunar month. nowadays came to be celebrated as Makha Bucha. it’s miles said that it became additionally the day Buddha appointed Sāriputta and Moggallāna as his fundamental disciples.



  1. It allows us to bring out our spiritual side

    We often get busy with our hectic schedule and busy routine and forget to give time to ourselves. This day provides us with a great opportunity to set aside the stress and work on ourselves. It allows us to meditate, reflect on our decisions, and self-introspect.



  1. It gives us an opportunity to learn more

    It is rightly said that one must never stop learning. Makha Bucha provides us with an opportunity to learn more about Buddhist stories, beliefs, and teachings. It gives us a chance to expand our knowledge.



  1. It reminds us of the teachings of Buddha

    Buddha was someone who refrained from his worldly attachments and set out to live a life of an ascetic. His teaching of finding the middle way instead of going extreme is something we should all follow in life. This day provides us an opportunity to look back at the teachings of Buddha and ingrain them in our lives.



Year Date Day
2022 February 16 Wednesday
2023 March 6 Monday
2024 February 24 Saturday
2025 February 13 Thursday
2026 March 4 Wednesday

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