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letter to an elder day

February 26 is national Letter to an Elder Day, a holiday celebrated by sending an elder a handwritten letter of love. countrywide Letter to an Elder Day changed into began by way of Love For Our Elders, a nonprofit agency dedicated to fighting loneliness with love amongst senior groups. this day comes as soon as a 12 months to honor the art of letter-writing as a manner to send love, one letter at a time!


A single handwritten letter has the power to change a person’s day, week, month, or even life. It’s a powerful manner to speak and build relationships. anyone merits to sense cherished, and Letter to an Elder Day become first celebrated via Love For Our Elders’ volunteers in 2020 to encourage letter writing and intergenerational connections after the holiday season, which can be especially lonely for elders.

Love For Our Elders commenced with a young boy and his grandpa. while Jacob Cramer lost his grandfather, he started out to volunteer at a nearby senior living community as a manner of honoring his reminiscence. He turned into lovingly referred to as “Bingo Boy” due to his entertaining and energetic manner of calling the community’s bingo recreation (a far heated affair he’s certain to inform you). for the duration of his time volunteering, he found that most of the citizens hardly ever received messages or visitors from family and pals and that loneliness turned into a chronic and ever-gift problem.

So he determined to start writing letters of love to senior communities; speedy, his moniker modified from Bingo Boy to Letter Boy. He located grace and love in his relationships with his pals within the senior community and sooner or later determined that he should take his letter writing efforts countrywide. Jacob created a nonprofit that advised human beings to put in writing letters to elders (or every person else in need who are older than they are) and facilitated transport to seniors around the sector.

for the reason that 2013, Jacob and his team have accumulated an navy of fifty,000+ letter writers around the arena. all through the COVID-19 pandemic, they branched out to gather video messages of desire, love, and encouragement, created public recognition campaigns, and engaged people, school rooms, and corporations.

national Letter to an Elder Day is held on February 26 to coincide with the birthday of Jacob’s grandmother, Doris.


  1. It Reminds Us How Far Simple Acts of Kindness Can Go

    A handwritten letter is powerful. Receiving a handwritten letter can help someone feel connected, especially if they’re experiencing loneliness. This day shows that a simple act of kindness can make all the difference.

  2. It Helps Us Best Understand How to Get Involved

    We all have great intentions but sometimes don’t know how to see them through. National Letter to an Elder Day makes it easy to take part in a letter writing campaign and do something that will make a serious impact on someone in need.

  3. It Can Help Spur Even More Acts of Generosity

    Helping people is contagious. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it, and National Letter to an Elder Day helps kickstart that effort, particularly in young people who are most likely to develop good habits and great hearts.


Year Date Day
2022 February 26 Saturday
2023 February 26 Sunday
2024 February 26 Monday
2025 February 26 Wednesday
2026 February 26 Thursday

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