National Lazy Day – August 10 : lazy day quotes

Lazy Day is one of those fun and trendy holidays we celebrate in the United Kingdom. It was started back in 1911 when King Edward agreed to give a day of rest to workers who chose to take a day off of work. The workers did not have to work, they would just have the day off of work and go home for food, drinks and to spend time with family. The idea behind this concept was to show the workers that they were appreciated and that they did not need to work as hard as the bosses around them. Some of these ideas have stuck including a day of play, sports, parades, and an entertainment parade.








Who created Lazy Day exactly remains a mystery. Some claim it was a Scottish lazy boy called James Biddings who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. Others say it was none other than King George V himself. The truth of the matter probably lies in between, but either way it has become one of the most popular holidays of all. We will cover the history of Lazy Day in the following paragraphs.

National Lazy Day – August 10 : lazy day quotes

The truth is that Lazy Day has been celebrated in many countries before the United Kingdom. For example, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate their long weekend with drinking and eating alcoholic beverages all weekend long. Scotland also celebrates their own version of Lazy Day. It is known as Laze Sunday and is a long weekend where people are allowed to sit on the grass and have picnics with friends and family. The first Sunday of August is a common time for these parades to take place.








Why should you want to celebrate Lazy Day? Well, for starters it gives you a chance to break away from your work for a day. During the day you don’t have to do any chores and you can just sit around the house taking in all of the sights. You might even get up and do some cooking. But once you return home you must do your daily chores. That means that you are giving your body and mind a break as well as a chance to relax.

If you are someone who really doesn’t like getting your chores out of the way, then you will absolutely love Lazy Day. You can sit around all day without having to do any chores at all. Some people even claim that it helps them clear their head. Now that doesn’t mean that you will be drinking yourself silly on a Friday evening at the pub, but if you enjoy the quiet you will have no problems doing your usual job of sweeping the floor or dusting the sofa.

National Lazy Day – 

If you are one of those people that really doesn’t enjoy getting your chores done, then you can actually use Lazy Day as a time to strike a blow against all of that and make yourself happy again. You could choose to spend the entire day doing nothing at all, or you could choose to spend the day doing some of the more easy chores. Either way you will be sure to be happy with how things turn out on Lazy Day.

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