Kazakhstan Independence Day

Kazakhstan’s biggest countrywide excursion on the grounds that 1991 has clearly been its Independence Day, celebrated on December 16. What makes it even larger is the reality that it is often celebrated across days — December sixteen and 17. now not simply that, if December 16 falls on a weekend, the subsequent Monday is taken into consideration a holiday. The Kazakhs set up yurts, indulge in delicacies, and dance the night time away to folks music! in addition they dress up in conventional fashion for the rite at Ak Orda Presidential Palace. They sure recognise the way to have fun; would you need to enroll in in the revelry too?












situated at the Eurasian Steppe, Kazakhstan is the largest united states within the vicinity. As a result, it has been a melting pot of cultures, peoples, empires, and extra. Neanderthals and their ancestors had been additionally found in central Kazakhstan masses of thousands of years ago. After centuries of modifications in climate, terrain, and rulers, Kazakhstan has grew to become out to be the lovely usa we recognize nowadays. It’s a shame that it changed into only multiple decades in the past that the state gained independence.









So, how did they advantage independence in any case? it all happened inside the yr 1991. Hoping to hold harmony within the Soviet Union, a referendum that March led to Kazakhstan vote casting ninety five% in prefer of forming a brand new Union of Sovereign States. In August, communists of the Soviet Union made a failed attempt, the infamous August Coup, to take manage of the usa from Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet President at the time. in the end, the excellent Soviet – or ‘ultimate council’ — of Kazakhstan then passed the Constitutional Independence regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December, subsequently asserting independence.











Kazakhstan was the remaining of the Soviet states to claim its independence, even though the Soviet Union collapsed rather hastily. soon after this, the Alma-Ata Protocol changed into installed location to shape the Commonwealth of independent States. This independence become marked via the technology of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who set up now not simplest a brand new capital but additionally a brand new two-house parliamentary system. He could rule the newly impartial Kazakhstan for nearly three a long time.










  1. Stay indoors

    The Kazakhs tend to celebrate the occasion indoors, in yurts or otherwise, owing to the harsh cold of the winter season in the region.

  2. Indulge in delicacies

    Many villages set up these yurts, which are a form of traditional tents, under which local delicacies are served.

  3. Dance with joy

    The Astana Opera takes it upon itself to organize live concerts, featuring national orchestras that perform traditional music.


    1. Never forget

      Activists often use the occasion to remind the Russian government of its attempted genocide of the Kazakh population during the famine of 1932. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin also forcefully displaced the Kazakh population for more than two decades.

    2. Always remember

      It is also used as a day of remembrance of the 1986 Jeltoqsan protests against Gennady Kolbin’s government, which took place on the same date at Republic Square. By the 1980s, democratization in the Soviet Union started to rise owing to these protests.

    3. Freedom ultimately

      Obviously, every independence day of any country is ultimately important for the freedom of its people. After all, they are the ones who make the country.





    Year Date Day
    2021 December 16 Thursday
    2022 December 16 Friday
    2023 December 16 Saturday
    2024 December 16 Monday
    2025 December 16 Tuesday

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