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International Translation Day

International Translation Day International Translation Day is celebrated every year on the month of September to honor the hard work of various language professionals who perform an invaluable part in ensuring that a conversation between different nations focusing on culture and international unity progressing towards peace and security. International Translation Day



A wide range of international issues are tackled in International Translation Day with the objective of bringing people from different countries closer together by understanding their differences and similarities through accurate translation. The day also aims at celebrating the fact that not all cultures and communities can be understood in the same manner and by understanding cultural differences through translation, the challenges faced by communities can be addressed more effectively.


International Translation Day

International Translation Day was first organized in Ottoman Turkey in 1971 when the then head of the Turkish Ministry of Education, Dr. Mustafa Yalcinar, declared that this September would recognize the efforts of all linguistic and cultural communities for the better understanding of differences and diversity throughout the world. Since then, various related conferences and events have been organize all over the globe, attracting a large number of delegates from different countries.



This year too, Turkey will be celebrating its seventeenth consecutive International Translation Day. In line with International Translation Day, a number of companies and non-profit organizations are organizing campaigns to raise funds for promoting the use of accurate translation services, as well as to contribute financially to the activities of the International Translation and Interpretation Association (ITIA). On Sept. 30th, a day when many people take out their printers and papers and make the effort to read, comprehend and interpret texts written in different languages.




International Translation Day


International Translation Day

Turkey will once again celebrate its International Translation Day. The main objectives of the International Translation Day are to recognize and affirm the contribution of local language and culture to the maintenance of world peace, security, and stability. International Translation Day also encourages governments to allot resources in developing translation services for both languages and to create multilingual agencies that would serve both the private and public sectors.



These agencies would cater to a larger segment of the market than would any single company. Besides governmental support, there is a need for voluntary support from the business community as well, particularly in the area of law and medicine. Businesses, both domestic and foreign, may use the resources of translation and interpreters on International Translation Day to create an opportunity to promote their products and services to the wider customer base.




International Translation Day

There is no denying that the services of reliable translators and interpreters form the foundation of a successful business. A firm that depends on just a handful of skilled and qualified professionals cannot achieve success or growth. Therefore, companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations. Individuals that are looking to promote their products or services worldwide should not wait for a particular occasion. But rather should start preparing their strategies for the International Translation Day. In order to increase the chances of a successful outcome. The planning and execution should be carried out in coordination with the Local Office Staff (LOS) based in their country.



If these staff are unable to participate in the planning and execution. A translation agency may utilize the services of an overseas agency. Using an agency to translate content, documents, and websites will ensure that a message is clearly convey and interpreted by the target audience. For companies that are planning to hire the services of an international agency to translate content for International Translation Day. It is important to first ascertain the level of experience the translators have accumulated during the years that they have been working. A good agency will have a well-developed portfolio of previous projects and it will also be able to provide references of satisfied clients


International Translation Day

The agency will also be able to provide a list of past winners. The number of awards it has won during its involvement in the preparation of International Translation Day materials. When a company plans to have its website translated to many languages. It needs to select the appropriate translators based on the language in which the web pages will be post.


A majority of the languages used in web design and business communication today are English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish. Therefore, if the target market is to reach out to people across the globe, a translator should have proficiency in the above-mentioned four languages. A company can also reach out to a translator who has knowledge of the targeted languages for the purpose of creating a customized web page for International Translation Day. If it is planning to distribute promotional materials or for posting blogs and other materials on the day.


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