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international tiger day 2021 l Friday, July 29

World Tiger Day World Tiger Day is celebrated every year on the month of July to raise awareness about various issues and risks faced by wild tigers all over the world. The very first World Tiger Day was held in 2021. This day, a number of conservation areas around the world were highlighted with posters and banners featuring pictures of majestic big cats. They were also distributed to different sections of society such as schools, families, the youth, children and professionals. Tiger enthusiasts from Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Cambodia and Philippines gathered at the Maybank reserve in Malaysia. A number of tourists, sports enthusiasts, politicians, media personnel and conservationists also participated in the event.


The World Wildlife Fund Malaysian organization that promotes the well being of vulnerable wildlife and coral reefs in the country was the main sponsor of the event. Other participants included representatives of the government of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and India. This World Tiger Day celebration included a number of activities and programs that were organizing to promote and maintain the well being of the world’s most vulnerable tigers. During the main program, world tiger day 2021 celebrations were showcased, during which presentations of photographs of the wild tigers in their natural habitat were made. The day also featured a presentation by a World Wildlife Fund conservation representative on the benefits of legal and sustainable trade.


The day ended with the awarding of outstanding individuals who have made major contributions to the world’s wild tiger population. An award also went to the manager of the Maybank reserve, Mr. Zulkhan Muhammad. In preparation for the World Tiger Day celebration, a number of seminars and workshops had been organized in many parts of Malaysia. These workshops provided information on how to protect the habitat of the world’s largest wild cats. Participants came from various Government organizations and non-profit organizations, including schools, universities, colleges and nongovernmental organizations. In addition, representatives from the private sector were also invited to participate in the seminar to celebrate the wild cat’s 50th anniversary. A major highlight of the World Tiger Day celebrations was the awarding of the Padra Setsi (Minister of Environment and Nature) with a Gold medal.



The Padra Setsi is the head of the Natural Resources and Environment Development Department of Malaysia. As the Minister of Environment and Nature, the Padra plays an important role in Malaysia’s effort to conserve resources for the benefit of the entire nation. The Padra is also responsible for leading the efforts for the formulation of national action plans against poaching and creating a protected environment for the big cat. The success of the World Tiger Day celebrations was celebrated on an emotional note, as the tragic story of Rana attacked by the Indian tiger aroused mass awareness in India and around the world. Several brave people from different countries like India, China, Vietnam and other Asian countries took up arms to save the lovely tiger. Their courage and dedication towards their cause can be praised and appreciated by all those who have witnessed or participated in the event. The success of the day also signifies that conservation and sustainable management are the cornerstones of every successful organization or government.






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