international migrants day

As we look at international Migrants Day on December 18, we mirror upon the challenges and difficulties confronted by way of over 272 million migrants courageously building new lives in each nook of the sector. The reality of migration is greater than simply starting over. Migrants journey on the lookout for safety and possibilities in order to permit them to reinvent themselves. Others are escaping from discrimination and prejudice. Host societies need to adapt and welcome those communities for a better tomorrow.

history OF worldwide MIGRANTS DAY

Migration has many elements enforcing it on a international level. those stem from human necessities for safety, dignity, and peace. it’s far never an clean decision to depart home, specially whilst the journey beforehand is extremely dangerous and, at instances, fatal.

even though the day was made legit inside the yr 2000, the observance of these days goes as some distance lower back as the year 1997 when December 18 turned into marked as the day to campaign for the honour, rights, and safety of migrants through numerous Asian migrant corporations.

resulting from the ever-increasing quantity of migrants round the arena, on December 4, 2000, the United nations fashionable assembly declared December 18 as the day for international Migrants. A decade previous to this, at the equal day, the assembly initiated the global conference at the protection of the Rights of All Migrant employees and members in their households.

in the course of the first-ever summit focused on big-scale moves of migrants and refugees on September 19, 2016, a set set of commitments — known as the ny announcement for Refugees and Migrants — become followed by the United international locations fashionable meeting to decorate the protection of such displaced folks. This declaration reiterates the essentiality of the global protection regime and pledges by way of member states to improve the migration machine for humans on the pass.

The U.N.’s 2030 schedule for Sustainable development also functions migration-related dreams. those consist of get right of entry to to training, with the intention to lead to higher possibilities and a better excellent of life.



  1. No one is left behind

    Every human life is precious, and their dignity and rights must be safeguarded at all costs. Humanitarian efforts to ensure no migrant is left behind are crucial.

  2. Doing our part

    The migration crisis can hit any region at any time in the future. Everyone must play their part on an individual level to ensure the right mechanisms are in place to welcome migrants and refugees.

  3. For humanity’s sake

    Showing some humanity shouldn’t be limited to a designated day. Such annual observances really focus and highlight issues and challenges on a larger level through awareness generated by mainstream media and organizations.


Year Date Day
2021 December 18 Saturday
2022 December 18 Sunday
2023 December 18 Monday
2024 December 18 Wednesday
2025 December 18 Thursday

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