International Literacy Day

Celebrating and supporting literacy anywhere, September 8th marks International Literacy Day. The day highlights the important and valued of literacy. The skill to read and write is not just important for people, but as a society as well. Some believe that literacy is a basic human right and the right of all children. International Literacy Day


Achieving World literacy day each year, has been an achievement that are recognize by many, and celebrated annually. This day is celebrate annually because of the million adults. Who can not read a single page of a book. In most cases, adult illiteracy is not only cause by a lack of exposure to literature.



It’s also caused by lack of reading materials in general. Some cases adult illiteracy is cause by the lack of reading materials that are specifically design for adults. In other cases adult illiteracy is cause by a lack of understanding of what literacy is and how it affects the world. To address these needs, International Literacy Day was born.




World leaders, educators and politicians have rally and spoke out about International Literacy Day with the goal of raising awareness, promoting learning, and creating awareness. International Literacy Day features several different ways to celebrate.



While highlighting the need to continue to promote digital literacy skills among all people, especially adults. An International Literacy Day celebration typically takes place outside, during the day. International Literacy Day celebrations can take place in classrooms, community settings, cultural events and literature conferences.


Literacy Day

To mark International Literacy Day, leaders from various sectors, organizations and communities meet to share ideas, thoughts and practices around digital literacy, literature and literacy development. The goal of these gatherings is to create awareness and promote learning. During these gatherings, international experts on literacy. Development issues are invite to share their views on current issues relate to literacy and development.



As well as their personal experiences and recommendations. These discussions result in literature and digital literature projects and activities that build on various existing strategies for achieving literacy and learning. The programs and activities to celebrate literacy and development through the lenses of those who experience them first-hand.





Since ancient times, India has promoted literacy and learning. A large number of books and literature have been publish in Indian English translation since the nineteenth century. Various non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government initiatives in India to support. Encourage reading as a means of enhancing social awareness, promoting social welfare and economic growth. The International Literacy Day is the International Literacy Day Festival. It is celebrating its twenty-third year and is design to celebrate the contribution of adults to the world of literature.




As part of the International Literacy Day celebrations, the organizers observe the International Literacy Day Gala. Along with many other literacy events all over the world. The goal is to create and build on the capacity building of school principals and teachers. To expand the access of rural students to quality education and information.



An added advantage of this year’s event is the strengthened ties with the developing countries that participate in the program. By participating in such an endeavor, we can make our voice and efforts heard. Strengthen the ties between developing and developed countries that are critical in building sustainable development goals.

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