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International Lefthanders Day 2022

Friday, August 13 is International Lefthanders Day 2021. Left-handedness is greatly appreciated on International Lefthanders Day every year. It is a joyous occasion when we recognize the efforts of fellow-lefties to enlighten the world about their movement for a better world. Left-handedness is an inherited trait that was brought about by our planet’s past evolution. Lefties have an advantage over right-handed people because they are normally born with the right side of their brain and therefore, they can utilize their brain to their fullest potential.

It is amazing how much joy is taken in knowing that there are other people who are not only dedicated to their cause but also find time to participate in many different activities that promote understanding worldwide. Lefties are usually under-represented in politics and other public affairs. International Lefthanders Day is celebrated during a week in August, commemorating the efforts of fellow-lefties around the globe to eliminate discrimination, promote peace, and fight against injustices and injustice. International Lefthanders Day celebrations are usually organized by schools or community organizations, with the help of volunteers from all over the world.


The first International Lefthanders Day was established to honor the efforts of American socialist Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated in April of 1967. His murder spawned a surge of organizing on the part of organizers from the Left. It was then decided to hold a celebration to honor King on the anniversary of his death. International Lefthanders Day celebration is celebrated in various countries around the globe on the anniversary of his death, with the United States being the prominent country in the list. In most countries, a statue of King is erected in a prominent place, and this includes the United Kingdom and Australia.

Today, when most people think about International Lefthanders Day they usually associate it with Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. However, his image and achievements are not limited to the events mentioned above, as he was one of the great organizers and negotiators of the civil rights movement. He organized sit-ins at the lunch counter of Woolworths in New York, which eventually led to the integration of the lunch counter in the shopping center in Manhattan. He also organized sit-ins at Woolworth’s stores in Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans. He negotiated with the airlines for the change to accommodate the presence of left-handers. He later negotiated with airline companies for the addition of wheelchair accessibility to planes, which had remained a contentious issue up until his death.


International Lefthanders Day can be considered to be the ultimate celebration of a person’s individuality, pride, and accomplishments. The reason why this day is celebrated on the August date, which happens to fall on the right-sided of the Zodiac, is that according to traditional astrology, a person born on the exact same date as this will always be right-handed. Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra are the three signs that are traditionally considered to be the zodiac signs of people born on the exact August date. So, if you fall in any of these signs, this would be an ideal time to express your beliefs regarding human rights for left-handed people, as well as those that believe in human rights for all. There are many ways to promote awareness among those who may not be aware of such issues.

An interesting way to commemorate International Lefthanders Day is for left-handers to visit an assisted living facility, such as the Alzheimer’s Center. Many elderly people suffer with a form of dementia, which is hereditary and can affect their ability to perform the simple tasks of daily living. If you feel strongly about the issue of equal treatment for both right-handed and left-handed citizens, visiting an Alzheimer’s Center could be just the ticket to raise awareness. Perhaps you could start a new tradition of visiting the facility on International Lefthanders Day; it’s a wonderful way to give back to the community that helps elderly loved ones who are dependent upon you!



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