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international kite day

worldwide Kite Day starts each year on January 14 at some stage in Makar Sankranti and ends on January 15. Gujarat has declared the dates a public excursion so that human beings can be a part of in the festivities. Kite makers begin getting ready for the pageant months earlier. Markets are packed with kite aficionados and pageant goers buying components days before the festivities.

 History OF worldwide KITE DAY

initially, kite flying become a interest reserved for royalty and the wealthy, but in current years, it has developed right into a festival open to all, with participants hailing from Japan, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Indonesia, Singapore, the united states, Malaysia, Australia, France, and Brazil.

worldwide Kite Day originated in India, in which it’s far maximum popularly determined inside the town of Ahmedabad within the northern state of Gujarat. In Hindi, the pageant is referred to as Uttarayan, even as in different regions of India, it’s miles referred to as Makar Sankranti.

It commemorates the transition from iciness to summer season, as well as the drawing close wintry weather crop harvest. people cross from all over the international to participate within the festivities. The kites related with the party constitute the gods’ spirits waking from their iciness shut eye.

easy kites fabricated from lightweight colourful paper with bamboo frames are the maximum frequent. aside from traditional kites, numerous function Bollywood celebrities or social subject matters. Kite traces are often covered with a mixture of rice and overwhelmed glass to useful resource in “kite preventing.” this is a sport while kite fliers try and cut each other’s strings and knock down their kites at some stage in the festival.

for the duration of the day, acrobats carry out, at the same time as at night, illuminated kites called ‘tukkals’ fill the skies. The night time sky is also lit up via fireworks. although that is an Indian pageant, Hindu temples inside the u.s. regularly have fun it, and because it is an inclusive birthday party; anybody can take part.


  1. Good food

    Food lovers have a soft spot for this holiday. The festival’s various food kiosks provide traditional Gujarati cuisine for travelers to sample.

  2. It stimulates creativity

    It is a creative outlet as people try to make beautiful kite designs. Different design possibilities leave no limit to your imagination.

  3. Sharing and caring

    We get to share the holiday with people all over the world. We have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life through our shared passion for flying kites.


Year Date Day
2021 January 14 Thursday
2022 January 14 Friday
2023 January 14 Saturday
2024 January 14 Sunday
2025 January 14 Tuesday

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