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International Kissing Day 2022 ; Wednesday, July 6

International Kissing Day

On 6th July every year, worldwide, World Kiss Day or International Kissing Day is an opportunity to remind people all over the globe about all the fun and simple pleasures of sharing your love with your family and friends. It is a day set apart to promote peace, understanding and diplomacy between nations, which has been observed since the year 1999. International Kissing Day History reveals that this special day was first introduced by the United Nations, to which the United States has also become a member. The very first International Kissing Day celebration took place at a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, and from there it was celebrated throughout the world.

In recent times, more cities are hosting International Kissing Day celebrations. On the day, all over the world, people are encouraged to embrace and kiss each other as much as they can – and of course make it a personal occasion, so that everyone can have a good time! The events are organized according to different continents, countries and even between different parts of the city. Some events in New York City have become very popular over the years, so if you are planning to go there – make sure you visit their International Kissing Day celebrations first!

There are lots of reasons why people celebrate International Kissing Day 2022. Most of the reasons I hear are to raise awareness about issues like obesity and eating disorders, to reinforce the fact that physical beauty is not the most important feature when it comes to attraction, and to give youngsters something to look forward to during the day. But the real reason for the celebration is simple: to have fun! And the best way to enjoy is by indulging in the physical act of kissing with someone special. Although there are several ways of expressing your affection without actually doing anything, it’s quite hard to estimate how many calories your mouth really takes in, especially since you can’t see your partner’s lips directly – and that’s why International Kissing Day was creating – to encourage people to go topless, or at least wear sexy costumes to make the activity more enjoyable.

To help you have the most pleasurable experience possible on International Kissing Day, you should plan your event properly. Since this is an international day, there are various parades with exotic acts, but the most interesting aspect of the whole event is the kissing. When I was younger, I used to go to my friends’ houses and we would watch all the couples kissing in the backyard – needless to say, it was really enjoyable for me then! And this year, let’s make it even better by inviting a special someone you know to join in our celebrations! You will definitely be tempted to stay indoors watching, as you will have fun watching the others enjoy their kisses – and it’s easy to guess that they won’t mind you watching them too!

While watching, you may want to try a new kissing technique, such as using a hot towel or warming your partner’s body with a bowl of ice cubes. Watching is very important because it will help you have a better idea of what is happening. If you want to maximize your experience on International Kissing Day, be sure to ask your partner what they prefer. My girlfriend has always preferred to watch, so it worked out great for us last year when I made a video of our kissing. In fact, this year I am planning to make a few short instructional videos to teach different kissing techniques to my girlfriend so that we can have a much better time this year on International Kissing Day.

Kissing, while it may seem like a mundane activity, is actually a very intimate and pleasurable activity. International Kissing Day is a great excuse to share this precious relationship between two people – and if you don’t take part in it this year, there’s no one to remind you of why it’s still worth doing. So, mark International Kissing Day on your calendar today!



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