International Day of Non-Violence- October 2

these days we celebrate the birthday of a man who helped deliver ahead the belief of “non-violence,” and the exquisite effect this shape of social reaction has had all over the global inside the last century. at the international Day of Non-Violence, created by the United nations in 2007, we appearance back on the have an impact on of an Indian activist born Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi but recognized the world over as Mahatma Gandhi. The global Day of Non-Violence honors how Gandhi’s work and legacy has impacted global, non-violent protest.










The UN has properly cause to apply Gandhi’s birthday to have fun global Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi’s commitment to India’s independence and his techniques had been the cornerstone of civil and human rights initiatives everywhere in the world. placed actually, Gandhi noticed it as completely irrational to use violence to reap peace, but rather, “simply way cause just ends.” this is a lesson we are able to all take to heart.









a way to observe international DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE

read up on Gandhi
Gandhi became one of the international’s finest and most influential leaders within the remaining century and there’s masses we will examine from him. right here are of his maximum loved fees. “there are many causes i’d die for. There isn’t a single purpose i would kill for.” “an eye for an eye will only make the entire international blind.”









locate or arrange an occasion
The UN hosts respectable occasions around the world to commemorate the resolution of 2007, however there also are innumerable events on Gandhi’s birthday dedicated to celebrating the lifestyles of the leader. Or, if there’s a particular difficulty near your heart, use these days as an possibility to take non-violent movement to make your voice heard.








move for a random act of kindness
The idea of Random Acts of Kindness has taken off with the upward push of social media, as the beneficiaries of RAKs regularly publish their gratitude for the stranger on-line. nowadays, make Gandhi proud by way of going out of your manner for a stranger, in reality to decorate their day. Pay the toll for the character within the car at the back of you, go away a nice observe with a pal, easy the snow off a stranger’s windshield — the possibilities are countless. So these days, in the words of Gandhi, “be the trade you want to peer inside the world.”









WHY worldwide DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE IS essential

It increases awareness
The time period, “non-violence,” has been used so often inside the ultimate century that its which means has taken on new bureaucracy. regularly believed to be a synonym for pacifism — which it can be — it’s also been adopted via companies round the arena to be a force for social change, instead of strictly competition to conflict. via schooling and attention, the UN hopes to proportion the numerous sorts of non-violence that we’ve nowadays.










Non-violence is a demonstrated technique for social trade
“Non-violence” is a huge umbrella term under which there are several classes. Non-violent actions include protests, marches and vigils, which were effectively employed inside the Nineteen Sixties to bring about social modifications in the united states. Non-cooperation and non-violent intervention, consisting of blockades and take a seat-ins, were additionally efficaciously utilized in the usa to illustrate further inequalities. All of those efforts caused the peaceful unfold of ideas.

There are plenty of conflicts to resolve
Globalization has given us a more effective global financial system but it’s additionally caused more complicated troubles that need fixing. To assist maintain those troubles from escalating to violence, spreading the thoughts — and fulfillment stories — of nonviolence will be important.









Year Date Day
2021 October 2 Saturday
2022 October 2 Sunday
2023 October 2 Monday
2024 October 2 Wednesday
2025 October 2 Thursday


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