International Day of Friendship 2022 – the United Nations

International Day of Friendship

international Friendship Day (or International Friendship Day) is now celebrated in many countries worldwide, for marking friendship. It was originally promoted by the sending of greeting cards, however social networking websites reveal a resurgence of interest in this ancient holiday, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia where the day is considered to be associated with Hinduism. This is the only country where International Friendship Day is not a religious festival. Instead it is commemorated as a day of friendship and mutual understanding.

The first proposed celebration of International Day of Friendship was in 1958. It was initiated by American businessman Morris S. Rosenfeld, who wanted to promote a program of global goodwill. International Friendship Day was first observed in countries such as Canada, Britain, Australia, China, France, and the Soviet Union. The objective was to provide compensation to those people who had been wronged by others and to eliminate the causes of war. The initial planks of the International Friendship Day concept were flowers, a symbol of love, and a message from each nation to the other. Today, the festival still includes a number of nations and is celebrated with great fervor and pride.

International Day of Friendship is seen as the ideal platform for citizens from different countries to come together and express their friendship towards one another. However, many organizations also celebrate this event to attract greater business to their shores. Businesses like Disney World and Walt Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, and Honda are two such entities that make special mention on the International Friendship Day. The Honda car showroom in Tokyo, Japan is also the venue for a popular international Friendship Day.


International Friendship Day is mostly celebrated in Canada, the United States, Australia, and in various European nations like France, Italy, and Spain. Many Indian organizations also celebrate International Day of Friendship on the same day. On the first Sunday of August, Canada celebrates International Friendship Day with huge pomp and pageantry. This is the second biggest festival after Diwali in the Indian calendar.


In India, too, the International Friendship Day is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. On this day, people from all over the country send their wishes to their close friends and relatives residing in other parts of the country. The gifts that people send on this occasion include cookies, chocolates, sweets, and fruits. The festival is incomplete without flowers, cards, and traditional sweets like laddus. Many people also pay tribute to their departed friends on International Day of Friendship They have a party, where family members and friends gather to share their sorrows and joys.

In Pakistan too, on the first weekend of August, every family in the country celebrates friendship day with a lot of joy and happiness. They send their warm wishes to their friends residing in other parts of the world. On this day, they decorate houseplants, organize a dance session, and send gifts to their friends. A lot of balloons also are released in the air to cheer up the people celebrating International Day of Friendship



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