Indonesia Independence Day history 2021

17 August 2021 is Indonesia Independence Day. Indonesian Independence Day is one of the world’s famous national holidays. This annual event has been celebrated since Sukarno Hatta was made Indonesian Independence Day in 1945. The day is also celebrated as an international public holiday in many countries around the globe. The main celebratory activities are usually organized in honor of the Indonesian Independence Day. While there is no formal government celebration or holiday observances on this day, Indonesia celebrates its independence with great joy and pride.

What happened on August 17, Indonesian Independence Day? On this day, the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations to mark the anniversary of the Sukarno Hatta agreement, which brought an end to the long reign of King Djokarno and set up the independent government of Indonesia. Sukarno Hatta established the Indonesian Independence Party (PKI) and set up the constitution for a constitutional system. The Indonesian Independence Day celebrations to mark the day that was marked by the triumph of the Indonesian Independence Movement against the British. Some historians believe that the Indonesian Independence Day celebration may have become much more popular than Sukarno Hatta if there were not widespread mass demonstrations against the British on the day.


The POKS declaration was issued by Indonesian Independence Day celebrations on the island of Java. The Indonesian Independence Day proclamation declared that all possessions of the Dutch people in Indonesia would be replaced with the Indonesian flag. With this declaration the Netherlands became the last foreign state to occupy Java. On the island of Java, the Dutch government had decided to relinquish all their properties to the Indonesian government and turn over their ships to the Indonesian navy.

On the day of Indonesian Independence Day, many Indonesian vessels were gathered by the navy and blockaded the cape of Java. The local population was asked not to interfere with the gathering of the navy ships or the blockade was to remain in place. The entire fleet and the entire community of Java residents were evacuated from the island. There were tense moments as the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations began. But, overall, the Indonesian Independence Day was peaceful and there were no major incidents reported.


The Indonesian Independence Day celebrations are celebrated every year with great pomp and show. There are parades, street celebrations, music and dance, and a variety of cultural displays. Many Indonesian citizens and residents take advantage of the international day known as the Augmented International Solidarity Day to commemorate the sacrifices made by the Indonesian people when they rebelled against the British. On this day, people wear red for their national flag and blue for the national flag of Indonesia while others wear grass skirts and white shirts to show their support of the Indonesian Independence movement.

Indonesian Independence Day is also celebrated with special events which include sports such as cycling, running, swimming, horseback riding, and handball. A special firework display known as “Toboggane” is also conducted during the Indonesian Independence Day. This spectacular display involves firing pyrotechnic bombs which produce a bright light and a spectacular sound. In addition, fireworks are also set off in the surrounding areas of Indonesian Independence Day to celebrate the occasion and show their colors.

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