Indian National Postal Day

Indian National Postal Day is on the path towards celebrations of service culture. Dedicate your free time to celebrate the Service which unites family and friends from across linguistic and cultural borders. On this day, the children of class 3 and class 4 celebrated the Indian National Postal Day with a special interest and pleasure. The significance of Indian National Postal Day is celebrated in different parts of India. Indian National Postal Day


Postal Day

The traditional aspect is depict through various festivals such as Onam, Diwali, Holi, Karva Chauth, Dussehra, and many more. Indian National Postal Day has a very simple meaning. It is on the fourth Sunday of the Hindu month Shravan. This day is celebrated as ‘Dahi Handi’ (let us hand) in all the states of India. On this day, there is a widespread celebration of love and worship for the God Ganesha and the Goddess Lakshmi. According to Hindu myth, Lord Ganesha was born in the Himalayas and spent his early years in solitude.

Postal Day

When Rama the king of Gods found out about his birth, he ordered his army to go ahead and destroy Mathura. However, the soldiers were stop at the gates of Mathura by the sage Narayana and spent the next three days in penance before finally entering into Mathura. Mathura became the land of Lord Ganesha and thus began the celebrations of Indian National Postal Day. The main highlight of Indian National Postal Day is when people of all ages to send their greetings to their friends and families.


Postal Day

There are several ways of celebrating Indian National Postal Day. Since there are only 4 Indian languages, most of the celebrations end up on a special occasion such as Onam. People exchange greetings and gifts among themselves and others who are part of the same community or work place. The gifts are mostly receive from close friends and family members, while the exchange is usually between co-workers. There is also a heavy focus on traditional foods during Indian National Postal Day.


Postal Day

On this day, all Indian cities observe a two-day shutdown on all mails. People use this time to visit their neighbors and pray for the well-being and success of the family. There is also a lot of shopping and gifting during this period. In some areas, the local post offices organize cookery classes, beauty contests, etc. as a part of their marketing strategies to attract more customers. Since most of the Indian languages are spoken throughout the world, it is very easy to send messages across the world using a simple code.


Postal Day

Even for those whose English is not very good, there are enough options available for them to communicate with people in the country using mail. Indian National Postal Day was celebrate on the last Sunday of the Indian month of the Hindu calendar, which falls on the Indian Spring Holiday. It is not really an important holiday, but it is observe as a special day to celebrate.


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