indian army day

Indian military Day is discovered on January 15 each 12 months to recognize the day the British commander-in-chief surpassed over the reins of the Indian military to area Marshal okay.M. Cariappa. even as India were given its independence in 1947, this handover best befell in 1949.

 History OF INDIAN military DAY

India has had army capabilities from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization that flourished between 3300 B.C. to 1300 B.C. Many succeeding dynasties throughout the time of Alexander and beyond used their military strengths to combat wars and extend their territory across the sub-continent. a number of the maximum famous of these dynasties have been Maurya, Satavahana, Gupta, Vijayanagara, Chalukya, and Chola.

these dynasties had been followed by means of a sequence of wars waged among vital Asian armies, which the Mughals, considered to originate from gift-day Uzbekistan, subsequently won. They went on to establish their empire on the sub-continent. while the East India business enterprise changed into installation, the territory changed into divided into presidencies, and each had its personal navy unit. those were Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay. impartial, regional kingdoms, like Mysore, had been able to defeat the British navy at battle and maintain on to their territory till the ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, become sooner or later defeated in 1799.

for the duration of the primary international struggle, a million Indians volunteered to combat inside the British military and around 90,000 misplaced their lives. in addition, nearly half of of the officials in the battles fought for the duration of world conflict II have been Indian. because the Indian Independence movement won traction in 1946, the loyalties of Indian infantrymen have become conflicted. Many mutinied towards or resigned from the British-led army and army devices. at the same time as the ‘Indianization’ of the defense force underneath the British persisted properly into the usa’s independence, the very last handover came about on January 15, 1949, and that is the day we have fun.


  1. It reminds us of the lengthy process of independence

    Even though India got its independence in 1947, the official handover of the Indian Army did not take place until two years later in 1949. India also declared its own constitution and became a republic in 1950. This reminds us that independence was not won in a day and was part of a lengthy process.


  2. We can pay our respects to the country’s military leaders

    India’s military leaders have bravely fought wars along the borders and have kept the country’s security intact. One of the reasons Field Marshal Cariappa was awarded his special rank even after retirement was due to the stellar leadership and service he provided in the territorial battles for Kashmir after independence.


  3. It is a chance to read up on the army

    The Indian army has a rich history of contributing to international warfare and security issues even before independence. The region has a rich military history even before India was a British colony, when it was a collection of different kingdoms and states. There is a wealth of material available in various formats that we can consume both online and offline.



Year Date Day
2022 January 15 Saturday
2023 January 15 Sunday
2024 January 15 Monday
2025 January 15 Wednesday
2026 January 15 Thursday

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