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Independence Day in Estonia is a public vacation on February 24 each 12 months. Independence Day is also Estonia’s country wide day that marks the anniversary of the assertion founding the Republic of Estonia in this day in 1918. Estonia is a country in Northern Europe that borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland. domestic to extra than 1,500 islands, Estonia’s diverse topography spans rocky seashores, old-boom forests, and lots of lakes. tourists go to Estonia to see castles, church buildings, and hilltop fortresses. Estonia is home to a few 1.3 million human beings. Estonians rejoice Independence Day with parades, concert events, and events.


On February 24, 1918, Estonia issued a statement of independence. This was done by way of the new Soviet Russia, which become followed by a war with the Soviets to make sure Estonian liberty. After years, on February 2, 1920, the warfare ended with the Tartu Peace Treaty. The treaty assured Estonia’s independence for all time. however, the treaty might not be honored, and the Soviets went on to break this %. this will cause Estonia being under Soviet manipulate for the subsequent 50 years.

In August 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop p.c.. The %’s protocol divided japanese Europe into spheres of have an effect on, and Estonia became passed over to the Soviet sphere. in the course of this time, the Soviet’s ‘Russification’ policy supposed the Estonian flag and other national symbols have been forbidden. In truth, nearby languages have been restricted and Russian turned into made the usa’s legitimate language.

In 1991, Estonia re-established its sovereignty after the peaceful singing Revolution in opposition to Soviet rule. This become a completely unique revolution wherein song changed into used as a device of resistance and a statement of cause. Estonians start their Independence Day at dawn with the conventional flag-hoisting on Toompea, a hill in the capital, Tallinn. that is accompanied with the aid of the military parade in Freedom rectangular, an open-air free concert in imperative Tallinn, and the President’s reception in the evening. in the meantime, in different Estonian cities, the flag is hoisted at public and personal spaces in the morning, that is followed by way of church offerings and attending local celebrations. The modern-day flag of Estonia changed into adopted after independence from Russia in 1918.


  1. It celebrates Estonia’s culture

    Estonian Independence Day celebrates the nation’s rich culture. Through celebration carnivals, celebrations, and parades, we get to witness Estonia’s culture.

  2. An important part of modern history

    It’s been only 30 years since Estonia’s total independence. The day marks a significant part of modern history and encourages us to learn more about such events.

  3. A day to learn more about Estonia

    You might have heard of Estonia but how much do you really know about its history, food, arts, and culture? Estonian Independence Day helps us find out more about the country.


Year Date Day
2022 February 24 Thursday
2023 February 24 Friday
2024 February 24 Saturday
2025 February 24 Monday
2026 February 24 Tuesday

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