I Love Yarn Day – October 9

i really like Yarn Day is widely known on the second one Saturday in October — falling on October nine this yr — by yarn enthusiasts and craft lovers all around the global. in this day, we rejoice all of the proficient DIY yarn crafters, crocheters, and knitters, who create first-rate matters from yarn, from scarfs to artwork to blankets. On i really like Yarn Day, yarn crafters round the world proportion their love of yarn in addition to a number of their favored creations. Yarn crafters prove to us every day that the handiest restrict to what you may create is your creativeness — and the amount of yarn you have left. i really like Yarn Day is an afternoon to encourage others to share their love of yarn and lift recognition about fiber crafts.












history OF i love YARN DAY

i really like Yarn Day become created in 2011 by means of the Craft Yarn Council, a non-earnings corporation and collective of pinnacle yarn organizations and professionals. The Craft Yarn Council found out a want to create an afternoon for fiber artists, yarn organizations, and outlets alike to focus on yarn publicly. The day became created to deliver yarn fans collectively to celebrate their not unusual love of yarn, boost consciousness of fiber crafts, and inspire fanatics to percentage their love with humans inside and outdoor the yarn community.










The word ‘yarn’ comes from the antique English ‘gearn,’ just like old excessive German’s ‘garn’ this means that yarn, Italian’s ‘chordē’ because of this string, and Sanskrit’s ‘hira,’ which means that band. The earliest recognised samples of yarn and cloth have been located in Switzerland. The bundles of flax fibers and yarn have been predicted to be round 7,000 years antique. meaning cotton has been harvested to make fabric for as a minimum that lengthy. In truth, fragments of cotton fabric have been dug up by using archeologists in the Southwestern america dating from 500 B.C.

till around 1300, yarn changed into spun on the spindle and whorl, the sort snoozing splendor pricked her finger on. in addition trends inside the 18th century mechanized and made the spinning procedure less complicated with the flying go back and forth invented via John Kay in 1733. Years later, Samuel Cromptons’ mule machine was invented and it may spin any time of yarn in a unmarried non-stop operation. Later, in 1828, an American, John Thorp, invented the ring body, which remains broadly used to spin yarn these days.












Yarn is crafted from a combination of about 15 unique varieties of fibers from the two categories of fibers — natural and synthetic. today, hundreds of humans all over the world use yarn for various cunning creations through different techniques.















Year Date Day
2021 October 9 Saturday
2022 October 8 Saturday
2023 October 14 Saturday
2024 October 12 Saturday
2025 October 11 Saturday


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